VIP Points - What to do with them?

Hello, i just wonder what to do with VIP Points? Any freerolls or anything more if you earn more VIP Points?

Sincerely Robin

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boleSt Silver 2
3043d ago

Depends which poker room are u in, but mostly there are smoe tourneys or something...

PF_pitboss Platinum 3
3043d ago

It depends on which poker room you are discussing, but often times buying into tournaments, SNG's and satellites is a good value, better than purchasing things from their store.


Personally I think buy stuff in a VIP Store is pretty much useless, most of the time they inflate prices so you think ''Eh thats like overpaying for something, I better use them at the tables.'' Then you rake some more =)

SmokeDaAces Silver 2
3043d ago

Collect points for a rainy day :)


I think this member is asking about PokerForum VIP rewards...if so they are just for showing your activity on PF. If you start or post in 3 threads here you'll qualify for a FR on BM (see this thread for complete rules, )


Posted by mothersquatch on 02/23/2011 7:39PM [ Reply ]

If you are talking about poker rooms, it's best to save them for that rainy day as Smoke said, but be sure that they don't have an expiration date. Some sites will give you a year to use them before resetting your totals. others may limit how often you can use them as well. Best to look in the FAQ pages on sites where you are not sure...

deceiver Bronze 1
3043d ago

And what about using this points (because freeroll from the link is given for 3 or more posts each week). Can I buy something with it or it's just to show activity in the forum with "VIP" levels?

PF_pitboss Platinum 3
3042d ago

If he was referring to PokerForum, the points are just an indicator of activity on the site.  There are no current rewards for them since we switched to rewarding member participation by offering access to a weekly $300 Freeroll by posting on the site three times.

SmokeDaAces Silver 2
3042d ago

These points just show other memebers how active and long you've been with the community its more of a respect thing then anything. This is a community not really a rewards based site. So its for people that like to talk poker and socialize :)


Post count and join date can sometime give you a good indication if someone created an account just to spam some stuff or if he really been around for a long time

szakiz Silver 1
3041d ago

I thing the points buy in freerolls could be a nice thing!!

motriuc Silver 1
3037d ago

on betmost poker with 5000points you can play a freeroll on december of every year,else like in any other site to change for cash

alesulll123 Gold 1
2903d ago

yeah...will be nice to use them on freerolls if betmost will have freerolls with points

TedHeris Silver 3
2901d ago

The points which have to be replaced. You do not know such thing!