Playing heads up is awesome!!!

Late last night I challenged my friend to a heads up tournament for a measly $10. It was great he over played every hand, because it was short handed and thought that a pair was awesome. It was so easy so much fun and informative. Do you guys think that heads-up makes it easier to just focus and make great decisions? Without a ton of variation and play, personality or styles I feel it's very easy to get locked in and dominate. At least that's how I felt after wining 5 consecutive heads up tourney's.

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PF_pitboss Platinum 3
3884d ago

Heads-up is a great version of poker. It is as much psychological as the cards you receive. Aggression is key too. You have to be careful because the most money can be won and lost at heads up.  A skill separation is most apparent when playing heads-up so that's probably what you encountered with your friend.

motriuc Silver 1
3884d ago

i love to play HU,my best results are 11 win consecutive