Poker Robbery ! "Wow" What's this world coming Too ??

Robbery of Alleged Home Poker Game Results in Shootout Posing as police officers, two gunmen attempted to rob what is believed to have been a home poker game in North Carolina last Wednesday night. But a surveillance camera outside the secluded home had alerted those inside what was about to happen. When the gunmen rushed into the home shouting, “This is a robbery!” they found one of the occupants aiming his own gun at them as he replied, “No, it’s not”. A shootout ensued, and it’s believed that one of the gunmen was wounded in the shoulder, though a search of area hospitals for the gunman has turned up no leads as yet. One of the victims was shot in his posterior as he lost $2,000 to the robbers, who have so far eluded capture.

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I bet ya the $2000 the "victim" lost was at the table & not to the robbers, it's just a way not to get in trouble with the wifie for loosing the mortgage money!!!!
Posted by PF_Jeff on 04/28/2009 12:10PM [ Reply ]

agreed, there's no way someone would "case" a poker game to many bad things like this can happen

Posted by mothersquatch on 04/29/2009 1:55PM [ Reply ]

Ya, more like his wifie is a real crazy one & he thought it be better to stage this and take one, than get it from her...

Posted by southsidecan on 04/29/2009 11:37PM [ Reply ]

why not --case it ,if you just lost it all and its illegal ,then you've got money to getin AGAIN is someone goimg to call 911