Calling out suspected cheating on Twitter?

Prahlad Friedman publicly accused Justin Bonomo and Isaac Haxton, two very well known live and online players, of secretly switching accounts to take advantage of Prahlad on UB in heads up matches.  He didn't have much proof except to say one day the account was bluffable and the next day it wasn't, and that they had similar stats.

Cool or uncool to air high stakes player accusations like that on Twitter???

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axistilt23 Silver 2
3079d ago

It's "Uncool" to post anything of this kind on Twitter...

SmokeDaAces Silver 2
3079d ago

People change their form of play against certain I don't think this proves people cheated at all. Seems like posible just a sore loser.

motriuc Silver 1
3078d ago

i dont understand way to care about UB....i mean there are still playing there somenone real cash,,,and why exist ftp,stars,party(),ipoker...