Shut up and play cards

All of these poker players, and athletes in general, are driving me crazy with their s*** talking via social media outlets... Stop tweeting, stop facebooking!!! If you have a problem with someone, do it the old fashioned way and approach them person to person. All these twitter comments and posts are no better than defaming someone by tagging a bathroom stall, except you actually have to be accountable and millions of people see it.

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PF_pitboss Platinum 3
2623d ago

I agree.  The public bitching and whining amongst high profile poker players drives me crazy.  I see it enough amongst amateurs to whom it might be expected, but come on, aren't they supposed to be experienced professional poker players? 

Where is the accountability for their actions?

SmokeDaAces Silver 2
2622d ago

This is the problem with socia media outlets now...its a lot easier for people to chirp and bitch when its not face to face. Whereas if they had to say it face to face most would be cowards and not say anything. Welcome to the invisible internet barrier ;)

pulpi007 Bronze 3
2622d ago

I think also at the table to show what they can

szakiz Silver 1
2622d ago

Social network is the easiest way to fool each others

tonyhe Bronze 1
2620d ago

That' s holy right, i always go to tweeter, but found few things useful to me!, that's disappointing!

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axistilt23 Silver 2
2617d ago

I feel like in a few years there won't be any athletes using twitter... It's such negative PR nothing is ever reported when someone says something positive so it can only hurt.

szabby69 Silver 2
2616d ago

I agree that many of people are frend and speek in chat.....

szabby69 Silver 2
2616d ago

and some of people in russian speak russian and i dont understand this language