Cates mentions that "Martonas" might be Isildur1

The Swedish “Martonas” came from nowhere in the Summer of 2009 to challenge all the top pros on Full Tilt. He made a massive $2.5 million in winnings by playing against players such as Phil Ivey and Tom Dwan before he crashed and burned it all in a terrible downswing and suddenly disappearing. Some had suspected that Isildur1 was the re-incarnation a year later, as they had similar aggressive styles. Martonas has made a sporadic comeback over the last few months, a time when Isildur1 was also active.

Then this chat occurred with jungleman12 who was playing Martonas last night..


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SmokeDaAces Silver 2
2625d ago

I don't think this proves anything. I mean if he had answered to being called Isildur1 maybe. But also don't FTP sponsor him? Surely they wouldn't allow him to have two accounts as it would look very bad on


pulpi007 Bronze 3
2625d ago

I just want to go back to Isildur