What to do if a poker room does not pay????

who has similar experience before?

I had problems with online poker room: ELDorado!

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szakiz Silver 1
3187d ago

Vau this a really familiar thing for me.The site accepts deposits but dont want to pay out me too.

I have tried a lot of things, contacted many of them but without success.

It seems that there could be tiefs in gambling world and nobody can do against them nothing?

I am still not giving up getting my money out...

Any help welcome.

I am talking about www.eldoradopalace.com

stewzom Silver 2
3186d ago

have they given any reason for not paying out.usually some sort of play through before they pay out.check terms and conditions.


I did a quick Google search on them & found this...

Warning: A cautionary warning has been issued for Eldorado Palace. It is highly recommended that all players abstain from playing here. A high volume of complaints regarding nonpayment of wins, slow payouts and uncooperative customer support has been noted. Such conduct of casino operations is unacceptable. A breach of integrity and trustworthiness between player and casino validates dishonest business practice.
Due to unsatisfactory service to their customers, Eldorado Palace will stay on our warning list until further notice.

 Most of the stories were about their casino "No Deposit Bonus" but it's all the same operation. Best to always search out a site before you play on it to see if there are many complaints on how they operate (some of the stories I've read go back to 09). Also remember that it is "Free money" that you were playing with & sites tend to make you jump through quite a few hoops to cash it out.

 So just keep at them, ask them for the specific requirements to cash out. Do what they want & try again...just don't give up, that's what they hope you will do!


SmokeDaAces Silver 2
3183d ago

I'd recommend staying away from smaller networks and rooms as these are usually ones with no track record and where the issues begin. Otherwise do a google search for the room you plan on playing and see if there's any negative feedback and study it a bit.


boleSt Silver 2
3182d ago

Why do u play on that poker room? For couple of bucks of sponsorship? U lose them anyway 'cause u figure it's not yours money...play big sites and no problem ;)


Just the name sounds fishy... there is not much you can do. Maybe file a complaint somewhere... but I don't know..

Posted by mothersquatch on 03/31/2011 9:18AM [ Reply ]

"Just the name sounds fishy"??? C'mon now...Full Tilt, CoolHand, BetFred, Bwin, Betsafe, BetFair, BetMost...they all (for the most part) have "funny" names. As for filing a complaint, you could try writing to Connective Games (Connective Games LLC. Nahimova St. 13/1 - 308, Tomsk, Russia, 634034 Telephone: +7 (3822) 330775 E-mail: [email protected]), they run the software. I'm not sure if they can do anything, there is no real "over-site" or Better Business Bureau for online gaming, so it's really the only place left in the world where there is a "Free Market" (Milton Friedman must just luv it, EH?!)...so this is a case of "caveat emptor" ...let the buyer beware!!!

szakiz Silver 1
3181d ago

I played there because of overpayed guaranteed tourneys, and began with 10$ deposit.And after that I noticed about all thing.

But there are no regulation for those rooms?So I can open a room and tief the customers money?

vareky Bronze 1
1180d ago

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