"Grinders" - New poker movie

Grinders is debuting at the Toronto film festival. It is filmmaker Matt Gallagher's attempt to play poker for a living from poker playing in the unconventional and often bizarre underground world of illegal poker clubs.

The trailer:  http://vimeo.com/22029299


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Wow that should be interesting. I mean some people are making a living out of playing in some shady poker club, often illegal... it will be cool to see how it goes for this guy!

szabby69 Silver 2
2272d ago

wow this video is teaching.

szabby69 Silver 2
2272d ago

and intresting :)!

SmokeDaAces Silver 2
2271d ago

I can't wait to watch the movie...I love watching movies like this cause I can relate to it...and then it gets me in the grinding mode to win big :)

atula7 Silver 1
2271d ago

What a video peoples!

boomee88 Silver 1
2270d ago

this is a good video.

TedHeris Silver 3
2269d ago


Great movie!!!!!

axistilt23 Silver 2
2257d ago

This guy seems like he'd get really annoying if you watched him on screen for over an hour. Hell, he was starting to annoy me after that 2 minute clip... it still looks interesting though, I mean you're not supposed to like every character in any story.

TedHeris Silver 3
2228d ago

How do I download?