Bertrand ‘ElkY’ Grospellier Sets New Record for Multi-tabling SNGs

Bertrand “ElkY” Grospellier arrived in Monte Carlo a couple of days before his scheduled start on Day 1b of the EPT Grand Final. So to pass the time, ElkY engaged in a little side action, by playing in 62 online sit-n-go tournaments, all within the space of an hour, and establishing a new world record in the process. A live crowd watched as Team PokerStars Pro Grospellier made himself comfortable in front of four wide-screen monitors and registered for 62 turbo sit-n-goes on PokerStars, each with a $6.50 buy-in. He then proceeded to spend the next hour frenetically clicking back and forth, running as many as 30 tournaments simultaneously, in an impressive demonstration of Gallic concentration and stamina. Given the high number of events running at once, ElkY inevitably timed out on many of his tables. ‘It was out of control,” he said later. “Short-handed play went so fast and I was sitting out a lot, but at the end I managed to regain momentum and got better.” Advertisement To reach his goal and make internet poker history, ElkY had to not only complete all of his tournaments but he also had to show an overall profit for the monster session, since playing in a bunch of SNG tournaments and losing wouldn’t really be considered an exceptional feat. As the challenge wound down to the last remaining tourney, the outcome still hung in the balance as the French star found he needed one more in-the-money finish. He achieved that and then some, besting online player “King Sampie” to win the final event and squeak out a total profit of $23.67 – good enough for a new world record. With that mission accomplished, Grospellier turned his attention to playing in the EPT Monte Carlo Grand Final, where he is still in the hunt after the end of Day 1b. source

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iamthatgood Bronze 2
4765d ago
Quite a feat!, How anyone can concentrate on 6 or 10 is baffling to me, 62, wow!
Posted by PF_Jeff on 04/30/2009 1:16PM [ Reply ]

yup with a profit of $23 how can you go wrong?..:)

This is rather ironic, on the same day this was posted here, I was just finishing the same type of experiment (just not with the same equipment). In about 2 1/2 hours I tried to put in 100 sng's (nowhere near the buy-ins he did), while the first session went ok (28 sng's, 9 money finishes, net lose = to 4 buy-ins) so the next session I did 32 and at the end of this round I found i was down equal to 6 buy-ins with about a 35% money finish rate. The last session was my most ambitious session, I reg'd for 40...but this is where it all fell I'm not saying I played in every tournament through this. No far from that, I couldn't reg'd for them fast enough to pile them up to this degree & play at the same time, so while I was reg'ding I was finishing others that were started first (the funny thing was I was getting money finishes in these), but back to the final session...I got started fine, then the phone started to ring, friends started to drop by, a buddy brought his dog to play with mine... it took me off this round. So by the end of this round out of 40 sng's I only had made the payouts in 7 (with all the distractions)& I found my self with a net loss equal to about 40 buy-ins at this level....Please note, I did not use my bank roll for this experiment...I used less than 40% of my RB this week. After this I went on to make back 10x's what I spent on this, but I had wanted to try this out because earlier this week I found myself playin in thses sng's and one player had been sitting out for whole tournaments during this day's session (about 8 sng's that I was in together with him) & I found he was slipping though quite often not playing a single hand. This week I'm going to try this again but I wont be as ambitious & cut back to 25 per session & I'll try to keep better stats and get back to you all on how it goes...btw I did find the 10 seaters were the best for this, the success rate on the 6'rs was slightly lower...
Posted by PF_Jeff on 05/06/2009 1:34AM [ Reply ]

bahh face it ms, you're just getting old :)

Posted by mothersquatch on 05/08/2009 9:43AM [ Reply ]

yup, old, crusty, & just plain nasty!!! teeheehee, BTW, I've had a little delay in my next run at this record, but I'll let you all know how it goes when I do!!!