tournaments with points will be nice!

Why we don`t have tournaments with points?Will be more fun and really good for us to make a bankroll with points.

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There is some rooms that still offer these but to be honest... most of the time its not worth the time and efforts and if you are with a good affiliate you already get paid for these points (your play) so

PF_pitboss Platinum 3
2542d ago

PF members already have a very easy way to qualify for a $300 freeroll each week and yet many don't take advantage of it. If there were more interest, we could try different variations of promotions, but as is, we will stick with the present formula. If you are a member of, you can utilize activity points I believe.

szabby69 Silver 2
2539d ago

I think thats a good idea.

zzbigstackzz Silver 2
2539d ago

Yeah PokerInside is definitely the way to go for forum members.

atula7 Silver 1
2538d ago

thats new!  and very good thing!