Full Tilt Poker Revamps Software

Full Tilt Poker Revamps Software Online giant Full Tilt Poker introduced a number of changes to its software last week, in an effort to improve the online poker experience for its players. One of the most significant changes is the introduction of antes to NL hold’em and PL Omaha games at the high stakes, with plans to bring antes to some of lower-stakes games over the coming weeks. Full Tilt is also initiating synchronized breaks for its multi-table tournaments, making it easier for players to compete in several MTTs at once. Full Tilt quickly ironed out some debate regarding the lobby placement of the site’s popular deep-stack tables as well. source=http://www.pokernews.com/

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Well, I tried to follow the link, but I couldn't find the story. I'm not sure about adding antes to the rings has anything to do with improving the online experience, I do see it increasing the rake for the site though & if they are thinking of putting them on the lower limits as well...I can see there being a drop off in traffic there!!! This is no different than taxing everyone at the table on every hand...Now if they are talking about implementing ante's in all mtt's...well that would be different, that'll help move tournaments along quicker and won't increase the take by the site...as for sync'ing the breaks, ya thats nice So southside, if you could get the whole story or answer this question, that would help.... good story ty!
Posted by PF_Jeff on 05/04/2009 11:47AM [ Reply ]

Maybe it's part of the economic stimulous?

Posted by mothersquatch on 05/04/2009 4:03PM [ Reply ]

Well this isn't stimulating me to play there!

Posted by ilovedapokerz on 05/05/2009 2:05PM [ Reply ]

LOL @ ms, crazy, they want more money? They're going to be the largest rake takers on the planet.

southsidecan Gold 2
3574d ago
mothersquatch ,i am looking for more info but as it stands this is all I could dig up, as far as the syncronized breaks there ok but as i had started one game and there was a break at about 15 mins from the start, still do not understand that ????
Last updated: 05/06/2009 2:21AM
SharkD1 Bronze 1
3574d ago
FullTilt Improve Lobby and engine, but still killing players in bad lucky season.... i got two days wining normal ways, with out magic hands loser (like bad beat) but after that, i got 3 days very very bad lucky, losing on river unbelievable hands, over and over again... some friends have same issue. the RNG is bad, and need to be revised!
Posted by PF_Jeff on 05/06/2009 11:39AM [ Reply ]

we can say that on almost every site..:)

Posted by southsidecan on 05/08/2009 10:04PM [ Reply ]

totally Agree that it will happen at all sites we all get on a roll and for some reason slide down It's the Game ??