Italian Poker Players Beware of the Taxman

With the advent of licensed and regulated cash games to be introduced into Italy, tax authorities are avidly chasing poker players and their assets for players who have been playing on offshore unlicensed sites.

Initial results have identified over 4,000 players made almost $100 million, without declaring the income on their tax returns.

Online gaming in Italy has been expanding steadily over the last few years and the country now boasts Europe’s biggest online gambling market. It has risen from €3.4 billion in 2009 to €4.8 billion in 2010. Furthermore, the market is set to triple in size with the recent introduction of cash game poker and casino style online games and slots to the country.

Italy’s licensed online poker websites are currently charged a 20% tax rate on their gross revenue, adding significantly to the country’s coffers. The latest move targeting the players by the Italian government is now seen as a way of ensuring that both the players, as well as the site owners, are contributing equally.

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This is going to be the template used world wide! If players don't "voluntarily" pay "The Tax man" the next thing will be software that will be download onto your machine from "govt approved sites" that will track your play & report it to "TTM" (the taxman).

 If you fall behind in your payments, look out! The Govt won't be nice, they'll block you from getting your driver's licence renewed or plates for your new car. They'll go after your credit ratings, put leans on your businesses & homes. The govt will need more agents to collect (more bureaucracy, just what is needed in this world).

 BTW...has anyone heard, if they want to tax "winnings", will "losers" be able to deduct losses? All this is going to do is complicate the tax systems even more!

How big is the US tax code atm? It contains more than 3.4 million words; printed 60 lines to the page, it would fill more than 7500 letter-size pages...nothing too complicated thereYell!!!

 Here's a thought, why not an annual player's fee? For a site to be approved by a govt, they must promise to collect an annual fee from players of that nation on their sites. Then they can have a "Cash-out Tax" on withdrawals over $100. Anything else would be too difficult & costly to impose.  


motriuc Silver 1
2461d ago

and in my country is posible to be started a law like this.....