Full Tilt Poker Pays Outstanding Licensing Fees to AGCC

Full Tilt Poker has decided to pay the $410,000 in outstanding licensing fees to the Alderney Gambling Control Commission (AGCC).

The most recent developments see Full Tilt Poker fork out £250,000 ($410,000) in outstanding licensing fees to the AGCC. Full Tilt lawyer Martin Heslop explained that the reason the site hadn't put up the money earlier was because it was unsure that the license still existed.

The AGCC had previously agreed to adjourn the case till September 15, giving the site a chance to secure an investment. European investors and casino mogul Jack Binion have previously been touted as potential candidates to bail out Full Tilt Poker.

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szabby69 Silver 2
3935d ago

The AGCC released a statement declaring: "The recent payment of overdue license fees by FTP is also in players' best interests since it allows commercial negotiations to take place that might result in a successful refinancing deal."

This development should come as good news, and a positive step towards the refinancing of players. Full Tilt Poker will now look to secure a substantial investment and might approach matters with the Department of Justice.

PF_pitboss Platinum 3
3934d ago

I also heard that FTP finally let go their international department, the part of the team that handled the US customers. I believe they paid them for their time though. It seems Full Tilt is getting their house in order to get sold and make a clean break of things under eventual new ownership.

axistilt23 Silver 2
3934d ago

Man this whole ordeal has been such a mess. I can't wait till it's over and we can all move on.

motriuc Silver 1
3933d ago

in my opinion is about more money in the back stage.