Brunson endorses new Republican presidential candidate Rick Perry

Newly entered Republican presidential candidate, Texas Governor Rick Perry, has received his first big endorsement in the poker community, from fellow Texan Doyle Brunson.

On his Twitter page as a response to one of his 383,000 plus followers, Brunson wrote:

“Governor Perry is running for Pres. What do you think?..I think he will be a great president, hope he gets elected!”

Perry is considered the co-favorite to win the GOP nomination along with former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney.

"I will work every day to make Washington, D.C., as inconsequential in your lives as I can," Mr. Perry said.

Perry, the conservative governor, asserted that Texas has created the largest number of jobs in the US under the Perry administration.

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Well I'm not too sure about Perry, I could go into what I've heard about him...from being a "Political opportunist" (2000 Texas chair for Al Gore's run or the billions he used from the stimulus programs to create many of the jobs he brags about, just to trash the program), to being just another R.I.N.O. in a nice suit.

 I'm sure Doyle knows Perry quite well, being a fellow Texan (& was prolly @ that big wedding that the Bride's family gave everyone @ the reception the 9mm Glochs), so he has every right to post his support for any candidate that he would have been nice for him to say why he likes him, what part of Perry's platform is best. Does Perry support the return to online gaming (I hadn't heard he was)? That would be nice to know!

 If I was down there in the US, I tell ya my "guy" would be Ron Paul...ya I know the Rep establishment & the (lamestream)media paint him as a nut, but these times need a change!!!

Posted by mothersquatch on 08/17/2011 8:49AM [ Reply ]

Just a little add-on to this... This is a very scary man...Doyle are you really sure about this guy? What's the difference between Perry forcing girls to get a shot that has been shown to be effective in only 70% of the population & "Obama-care"? Once the Tea Party realizes this, he ain't going anywhere!!!

zzbigstackzz Silver 2
2492d ago

I could care less who Doyle supports in any political situation... Personally, I would vote for Steve Perry before I voted for Rick Perry. I don't like leaders of our country saying things about how we need to give our country to God and he'll solve our problems. I'm also opposed to his views on the environment. But at the end of the day I don't care what my poker players think about politics nearly as much as I care about how politics affects poker.