A-Rod spotted at Pennsylvania casino

NY Post
Last Updated: 9:17 AM, August 22, 2011 Posted: 1:31 AM, August 22, 2011

A-Rod can't seem to figure out when to hold 'em and when to fold 'em.

Just weeks after he wound up in MLB's cross-hairs for allegedly going to underground poker games, pinstripe pinhead Alex Rodriguez was spotted last Monday in a high-stakes gaming room at the Mohegan Sun casino in the Poconos, sources told The Post.

The then-injured Yankees third baseman was in Pennsylvania to play a rehab game with the minor league Scranton/Wilkes-Barre Yankees.

Throwing caution to the wind, A-Rod showed up at the casino at about 8 p.m., workers told The Post.

He had a steak dinner and then entered a special high-roller gaming room with two pals, according to workers.

Star-struck Poconos gamblers tried to chat A-Rod up as he passed through the casino, but witnesses said he and his pals did not want to be hassled by gawkers.

"I saw a few women approach his entourage to get a picture with him, but they were turned down and told to 'keep walking.' It was sad seeing that," a blackjack dealer said.

 So if this story is true, doesn't this prove that A-Rod has a gambling problem? With-in weeks of being warned about how "in-appropriate" it is for him to be involved in these games. he openly walks into a "High-stakes" poker room...this guy gets $32 million a season to play baseball, isn't that enough to buy his loyalty?

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PF_pitboss Platinum 3
3271d ago

Although some might view it as an error in judgment, these top players don't want to be told what to do. He's not doing anything illegal by going into a casino to play poker. If he loves the game and the money is inconsequential to him I don't see it as a problem at all.

Posted by mothersquatch on 08/22/2011 8:07PM [ Reply ]

Yes, I understand that he isn't doing anything illegal (in 1/2 the states), but he is a person who is under contract for the next few years. So if my boss & his bosses boss asks me not to do something & I don't follow their "request", then I am seen in public doing the same thing I was asked not to do...what is there my bosses can do? When you sign a professional contract, you are willing to follow their rules...if they ask you not to be involved in High stakes poker, then you shouldn't do it till your contract is finished...then remember for your next contract to get a "Poker" clause put into it.

zzbigstackzz Silver 2
3270d ago

I'm positive there is nothing in A-Rod's contract that says he can't play poker legally at a casino. I don't know if he has a gambling problem, he makes $20+ million a year and can afford it. 

axistilt23 Silver 2
3270d ago

Athletes and high-stakes gambling is so common that I don't even know why we're making a big deal out of A-Rod visiting a casino. The "alleged" illegal games with guns and coke are one thing, but Michael Jordan, Charles Barkley, John Daly, etc... Gambled a lot and it never caused this kind of reaction. Maybe it's because our media coverage is all-encompassing now, I don't know. It makes sense that these super competitive, amazingly rich, young athletes would spend their free time playing poker. I'm a moderately competitive, amazingly poor, young student and I play whenever I have the chance.


 Ok now let me try to explain a little better for you all...
 A-Rod is only one of the top dogs in MLB. Now if this was only a average "Joe Schmoe" utility player who liked to play poker, do you think he would get away with this? Do you think MLB would let this player go to casinos?
 Would you want all players to be able to engage in gambling from all sports? These guys (& girls) have a short playing life span & over time it has been shown that gambling & players shouldn't mix!
(see 1919 "Black-sox", Pro Boxing, "Operation: Slap-shot", Mike Vick Dog Fighting, Pete Rose, Tim Donaghy, Point shaving in NCAA)

axistilt mentions Charles Barkley, Micheal Jordan, & John Daly...
 Well Charles' gambling got him several warnings from the Commish & have stopped him from running for public office or working within the NBA...  

 MJ took that season off to play baseball, but the rumours persist that it was an "unofficial" suspension from the NBA for his involvement in gambling....
 John Daly, while being one of golf's most colourful players (my father & I would luv to watch him smash balls) has turned his life into a train-wreck! Daly's drinking, gambling, & womanizing has ruined him, lost him sponsorships, cost him his health, put him off his game  (what little game he had)...

 While all 3 of these players had many other problems, gambling didn't help make their lives any better, ending up costing them all by the "optics" of being involved with gambling. The leagues have made large investments in these players & haver the right to ask them not to put themselves into positions that could compromise the integrity of the game which they play. Professional players do have the right to "legal" gambling, but should forfeit that if they want to play pro!

 Remember that while gambling is legal in most places, there is no real consensus! Pro sports are played in places where gambling isn't legal or accepted...so when zzbigstackzz says, "I'm positive there is nothing in A-Rod's contract that says he can't play poker legally at a casino. I don't know if he has a gambling problem, he makes $20+ million a year and can afford it. "
 Yes that is probably correct ($32 million), but there is a section about "integrity of the game" clause as well as another one about "personal conduct" (you know like not getting involved in things like, oh...the "X" games, parachuting, riding a motorcycle without a helmet, or involvement with "shady characters") would cover A-Rods indiscretions!
 If A-Rod can't avoid poker (other than "approved" charity events that he clears through MLB & the Yankees) for the rest of his contract, then yes I think he has a problem!!!

 Remember it's not been long since that Congressional investigation into Pro sport's steroid "problem" & governments luv to regulate anything that moves, so do you want some Senator wanting some press for his re-election bid to use A-Rod's gambling as a reason to have another "investigation" into gambling in sports?

Posted by mothersquatch on 08/29/2011 10:30PM [ Reply ]

http://www.pokerforum.net/discussions/1372:dan-bilzerian-suffers-3rd-heart-attack-by-30 I comment on this story with a connection to A-Rod...here's the link to the original story... http://newyork.cbslocal.com/2011/08/04/report-poker-pro-insists-a-rod-wasnt-at-illegal-poker-table/

77timmy1986 Silver 2
3262d ago

The Black Sox threw a World Series how in any way can you compare that to legally playing cards in a casino? Pete Rose gambled on baseball which is a clear violation of MLB rules and he deserves his ban from the game. There is no MLB rule that says A-Rod can't play poker at a casino, I'm not saying it's good for the game or his image, but it's his right. If they change the rules it would be different, but I mean come on let people do what they want with their money as long as it is not illegal and doesn't compromise the competition on the field.


Picky, picky...I bet lawyers just luv you! I make a point using MANY examples & you nic-pik the ones on the fringe or you don`t like & ignore the rest. I noticed that you didn't address "Operation:Slapshot", Daly, Jordan, Barkley, Vick, Mickey Mantle & Willie Mays nor did you say anything about my point about what if this was just a utlity player not the top player in the league?
 My point was to show what happens when sport figures dance on the edge & your point is there has to be a specific line item in his contract to prevent him from playing poker, well I believe the "Personal conduct" section would cover that.
 You make the point that poker is legal, but I've pointed out that poker, casinos are not legal in every state where baseball is played...

  State         Dominant Factor    Social Gambling      Penalty for         Penalty  for          Express Internet  
                        Test Applied              Allowed                  Simple             Aggravated               Prohibition
                                                           Gambling              Gambling

New York                Yes                      Yes                   Misdemeanour       Felony                            No

(see chart on: http://www.gambling-law-us.com/State-Law-Summary/)

 So I'll give you that A-Rod has the right to play poker where it's legal to play, but MLB has the right to ask him to act in a manor that reflects well on the game. When you have Dan Bilzerian coming to his defence over if A-Rod was at a High Stakes "private" game where cocaine was openly used, I feel MLB & the Yankees have the right to tell any player to pull up!

 Lastly, as I pointed out before, MLB (& all other Pro sports leagues) don't want another Congressional investigation into sports after the last steroids hearings so they have the "Right" to protect their games.
 Congress is always looking for a whipping boy to distract the public from what they are screwing up!
 (look at what the DoJ is doing to Gibson Guitars s of late...)