Daniel Negreanu's new girlfriend - Miss Hungary

I saw a tweet last week about Daniel Negreanu going to San Diego for the weekend with Miss Polgar.

Negreanu then confirmed in a Quadjacks interview that KidPoker has a new girlfriend, Krisztina Polgár, who just happens to be “Miss Earth Hungary 2008.”

In the interview, Negreanu stated (without leaving any of her credentials out), “I met my new girlfriend at the World Series. She plays poker too. She just came up; she was just saying ‘Hi’ cause she knew some friends and stuff. So, we just started, you know, hitting it off, and she’s super cool. She lives in Budapest, Hungary. She was Miss Earth Hungary in 2008. She’s there now, but I’m gonna go visit in a bit.”

Her ex-boyfriend actually introduced her to poker, Hungarian PokerStars pro Richard Toth.

Negreanu was dating Big Game hostess Amanda Leatherman earlier in 2011 but things have been quiet between them the last few months.

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zzbigstackzz Silver 2
2432d ago

She looks pretty hot, maybe that's why Negreanu had such a weak WSOP, he was too focused on other activities. I know I would be.

axistilt23 Silver 2
2432d ago

Yeah she is sexy. But what the hell is "Miss Earth?"

Posted by 77timmy1986 on 08/24/2011 10:09AM [ Reply ]

Miss Earth is a beauty pageant that promotes environmental awareness. It's actually behind only Miss Universe and Miss World as the third largest beauty pageant in terms of the number of national-level competitions to participate in the world finals.

axistilt23 Silver 2
2432d ago

Why the hell do you know that?

Posted by 77timmy1986 on 08/24/2011 10:32AM [ Reply ]

My older sister competed in the US Finals for Miss Earth in 2002... No not really, wikipedia homie.

Posted by axistilt23 on 08/25/2011 10:06AM [ Reply ]

lol thanks

PF_pitboss Platinum 3
2432d ago

He vaguely refers to "we" are traveling to Montenegro, Budapest and possibly Romania in his upcoming trips, but you have to assume Miss Polgar will likely be part of his traveling entourage this Fall.

motriuc Silver 1
2431d ago

this is and my dream: be a succeful poker player,and people write about my hotgirlfriend!

Posted by zzbigstackzz on 08/25/2011 9:30AM [ Reply ]

lol yeah it doesn't get much better than that!