At least 53 burned alive in Mexico casino

With Mexican drug war gang violence at an all time high fighting for control of an estimated $13 billion cocaine and drug trade leading into the U.S., the latest bloodshed was at the Casino Royale in Monterrrey, Mexico set fire to the casino during broad daylight with about 100 staff and customers inside.

“Six hooded gunmen came in, shouting obscenities and firing their guns. They drenched the place with gasoline. People were running as the place went up in flames. Those who stayed behind burned to death.”

When is the drug war gang situation going to improve?


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This is a "War of Terror" right on the US boarder in which over 34,000 people have (allegedly) died in the last 4 yrs & what is being done to stop it?

One story I read involved a bus load of people being dragged off one at a time & having someone stepping on their heads while another thug would take a sledgehammer to the victims just to horrify the locals into submitting to the drug cartels.

 Then there's the story about the Mexican Elite Military unit that were taking out one of the Cartels, then they deserted & took over that gangs territory. Now they are one of the worst gangs & the were trained by the US military!

 Then there is the story about the farmer who's son was kidnapped by a local drug cartel & held for a $10,000 ransom. When the farmer could only give them half the money, they gave him half of his son!

 From the stories I've been reading this is spreading across the US boarder even deeper into their country as well ( see attached story, Phoenix, kidnap-for-ransom capital)...

 Thank god for were I was born!!!


77timmy1986 Silver 2
2485d ago

I live in Phoenix and my hometown is only about 20 miles from the border. These actions have definitely affected the things in the valley. People are way more hesitant to go to Mexico for vacation and it really puts a damper on Arizona-Mexico relations.