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Hey guys,

We are in the process of building a points system for best responses, top voted responses, points for voting, etc, etc and we need YOUR help!

Please utilize the VOTE buttons for discussion topics and responses, this is YOUR way of telling other members how much you like/dislike  their topic ideas or responses.


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Admittedly I have been slack in this area, I will try to remeber to vote more Jeff!

PokerPro Bronze 3
4299d ago

Can't wait to see what the prizes and such are,Cool This site just keeps getting better and better! I'm very proud to be an "original" member and  will be around to watch this site turn into one of the best out there!

Posted by southsidecan on 05/23/2009 1:51AM [ Reply ]

you can't get points for promotion flatterly but good to see your looking!!!

Posted by PF_Jeff on 05/26/2009 2:18PM [ Reply ]

He'll get them for making relevant posts though!


Well I'lve been as active as I can voting for you all (except that Indian rain dance one, I found it to be a little too borderline)...Thanks to all for the question on my Motherly advice, especially you ilovedapokerz...but I'm gonna have to start charging you for all the advice!!Wink

Last updated: 05/22/2009 8:43PM
Posted by southsidecan on 05/23/2009 1:10AM [ Reply ]

do you get paid MS and how much ??? HaHa

Posted by mothersquatch on 05/23/2009 8:40AM [ Reply ]

Well...Lucy Van Pelt got a knickle everytime she had Charlie Brown in her office & that was over 30 years if we adjust it for inflation, I guess that would make it $1 per question...pretty cheap, concidering the going rate for

southsidecan Gold 2
4298d ago

Tongue outHi there jeff --- if poker forums are to consider Points  as to responses and comments with any type of reward     Then i would have  to say  that  this site should  also consider the discussion topic and apply all the  overall  comment / response --votes (points)   to the particuliar      Discussion  and   Reward  it to  the member  that   introduced   the subject discussion

I'm not trying to apply that any points  would be taken away from any contributing member as per voting or a respsonse ?     but the overall topic should also be  accumulating points !!!  as  well as all signed -up members responding   accordingly

If the subject matter  has many views and responses then it should be labeled #1 

waiting to hear from all 

Last updated: 05/23/2009 1:47AM
Posted by PF_Jeff on 05/24/2009 1:52AM [ Reply ]

We're working on a system that's fair for all, thanks for your suggestions :)

Posted by mothersquatch on 05/26/2009 9:28AM [ Reply ]

What I'd like to see would be a system that would list 2 colums, 1 for possitve votes & 1 for negative...they shouldn't allowed to cancel each other, but should count together ie: neg 2 pos 4= 6 votes...& to vote a member should have to explain why either for prizes, that would be nice, but I'd like to have a solid forum going first (we do have a good start)

azzadinebahi Bronze 1
4297d ago

Great! hopefully there will be some very cool prizes! I must admit although this forum is starting off a bit slow, I still try to log in every day, this is different than most forums where you only see garbage posts, I can't wait until it grows into the #1 poker forum in the world.Cool

Posted by PF_Jeff on 05/26/2009 2:20PM [ Reply ]

It will, be patient! :)

mastereiden Bronze 2
4296d ago

new member here but will do my best :D

jackbliss Silver 1
4296d ago

I have been slack as of late as well, I will try to remeber to vote more thanks Jeff!

TheBare Bronze 2
4295d ago

Thanks for the reminderLaughing

iamthatgood Bronze 2
4295d ago

Your'e correct Jeff I'll try and use the vote button more often.