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We started with the core functionality on on purpose. Now comes the fun part where we get to create whatever the masses (YOU!) want! Thanks to the suggestions we've gotten from the first few days of the beta-launch, we have already made a handful of necessary improvements. Some of them are on the back-end, which make our jobs easier, but there are also some improvements you WILL notice: ANNOUNCEMENTS Admin can now post important news or otherwise "special" things about our site (like this Discussion!) as an Announcement. Announcements will appear on the Home Page (soon) and will also be obvious on the Discussions page. FEATURED DISCUSSIONS We want to show-off the best Discussions of the PokerForum community, so we added a "Featured" option. If a Discussion catches our eye, we will make it Featured, which will showcase it on the Home page and other areas throughout the site. OTHER LANGUAGES Every Discussion now belongs to a Language, which is set at the time the Discussion is created. This will make it easier for people from around the world to find Discussions and Responses in the language(s) they are most comfortable with. BACK TO SEARCH BUTTON When viewing any Discussion, you'll see a "Back to Search Results" button at the top, which will take you back to the Search Results you created on the previous step. This way you don't have to "re-search". AUTO-SUBSCRIBE When you create a Discussion, you probably want to know when people submit Responses. So, by default, you will be Subscribed to the Discussion you create. Of course you can un-check the box very easily if you don't want to be.

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