Beta Launch: A New Way to Talk Poker!

Welcome to, your new home for poker discussion! If you’re here this early, it means you’ve had a special invite, because we just BETA launched the site. There may be bugs, but we will fix each and every one of them, and we look forward to the countless improvements that are coming soon. PF will not be just another poker forum with thousands of “meaningless” posts. Instead, it is our desire to create the first global community of QUALITY poker discussion paired with a newer, fresher way of finding what you are looking for. For now, dig into the site and let’s get the party started. We just ask that you follow some simple guidelines: - Do not post one word answers like "NICE HAND and/or "OUCH" and or "yes" in our forum. These types of responses will get THUMBS DOWN votes, which will lead to them being deleted, and you being banned because you’ll be labeled a “donkey” in no time. Instead, post thought-out responses that will truly contribute to the Discussion. - Do not spam our forum. Advertisements of any kind will be deleted and your account will be banned. - One major thing that makes PF special is that it will be entirely moderated by YOU, the poker community. If you do come across garbage discussions or responses in our forum, please give it a THUMBS DOWN vote, or “report abuse” if applicable. - We want everyone who comes here to enjoy the ebb and flow of our forum and feel welcome to participate in any discussion they feel the need or want too. disagreements and debate are fine as well, as long as there is no name calling, swearing, or useless responses. We feel by posting and enabling these rules, our forum will grow to have the largest membership base in the known universe and you can be proud to say you're a part of it. Thanks in advance for following our protocol. Now go enjoy!

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