Gambling Addiction Can Lead to Neglect, Experts Warn Kids Left in Car While Mom Allegedly Plays the Slots

Gambling Addiction Can Lead to Neglect, Experts Warn


While her two children were allegedly left alone in the car, police say Jennifer Lee was busy playing the slots.

Lee and Fouchoy Saephan are both facing felony charges of willful cruelty to children, after allegedly leaving their children in a car for about 45 minutes while they were inside a California casino -- where Lee allegedly spent part of the time gambling.

When they were discovered by Madera County sheriff's deputies, the children -- a 2-year-old and a 10-month-old -- "were crying, screaming, sweating profusely and their skin had turned reddish in color," sheriff's department spokeswoman Erica Stuart said.

Though there are no reliable statistics on how often gambling leads to the abuse or neglect of children, this is one of several recent cases of parents allegedly leaving their children unattended while they gambled.

A couple in New York was arrested earlier this month for allegedly leaving a 2-month-old in the car for 20 minutes while they watched the Kentucky Derby.



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