CANADA Cup of Poker @ Full-Tilt

Play for your Province in the Canada Cup of Poker

Represent your Province in the Canada Cup of Poker. Seven teams from different regions of Canada will battle it out on TV for a share of CAD145K. The winning team will play against the Full Tilt pros for a chance to win up to CAD250K.

Original Tournament Style

The Canada Cup of Poker is a new kind of tournament where teams play relay-style with a community stack, rotating “on the button”. You play as an individual, but win or lose as a team.

The Prize

Seven teams of three will fly to Toronto this August to compete in the televised final table. All teams will take home prize money, with the winning team splitting CAD75K. All three members of the winning Canada Cup team will go on to play heads-up against Full Tilt Pros for up to CAD250K.

For full details, please see the Canada Cup of Poker Rules.


Qualify for the Canada Cup of Poker

 To qualify for your regional team, you must either (a) be a resident of one of the Provinces in that team or (b) have been born in one of the Provinces in that team.

Play for Free

Play on Full Tilt to qualify for your Provincial team. Free tournaments are running now. Register by logging in to Full Tilt and follow these steps:

  1. Click on the Special tab in the main lobby
  2. Click Live Events
  3. Click on the Round One Freeroll Tournament that you want to play
  4. Click Register Here

Your tournament screen will open automatically when the tournament begins, but you must be logged in to your Full Tilt account for this to happen.

Please note: Freeroll Qualifiers are only available to residents of Canada.


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george59 Gold 1
3293d ago

SmileGO   JEFF Smile

Posted by PF_Jeff on 06/14/2009 8:46PM [ Reply ]

LOL nahh not that good of a NL player yet!


Thanks for the info, strange they didn't include this in the newsletter i got on Friday.....but, I'll be all-in with that one!!!

Posted by southsidecan on 06/14/2009 10:41PM [ Reply ]

Good Luck MS

Posted by mothersquatch on 06/15/2009 10:15AM [ Reply ]

well the first run atter didn't go well...I signed up for the Norther Ont one (smaller field & I have lived near Wawa, so I figured that counted;)..), I'm reg'd for tonite's! Southside, you have any luck?

southsidecan Gold 2
3291d ago

mother couldn't play tonight but by reviewing the rules I also just sign-up under  north Ontario (less players )

Good luck there is alot to play  hope to see you at a final

Posted by mothersquatch on 06/15/2009 10:50PM [ Reply ]

I missed ya on the tables tonite, but I did see your name on the leader board...I got my ticket to the next round...see you all there on the 27th!!!

Posted by southsidecan on 06/16/2009 12:56AM [ Reply ]

Great for you ,maybe see you at the final table !!

southsidecan Gold 2
3283d ago

MS just won a seat to the final on 27 th see you there

southsidecan Gold 2
3282d ago

got killed going all-in with a str and falling to a full house ---  finished 32


It was ugly today, bugger calls my preflop raise with J9 o/s, hits a J on the flop and wouldn't let it go against my Ace of clubsAce of hearts, turns blanks, so of coarse the river is a Jack of spades!!!

The biggest P/O of it all is that 7/9 were all sit-outs!!! And when I looked in to see how you were doing there SS, your table was the same7/9 s/o's, pretty sad considdering it's a winner take all event!!!

Posted by southsidecan on 06/28/2009 3:41PM [ Reply ]

well there's a new session starting and will be there .will get to the final for sure again -hope ur there too

Posted by mothersquatch on 07/03/2009 11:45PM [ Reply ]

Well got another ticket for the 18th...mebbe this time!!!


MAN...WHAT A HORRIBLE BEAT!!! After last weeks fiasco & last nites good run in one of the $5000/5ptr (430/13206), I'm feeling good & won a couple of small pots early (again mostly s/o's), I'm in the BB & have Ace of clubsKing of diamonds & I have a guy who is raising preflop every hand (4x's BB), so I come over him betting pot & he re-raises all-in, I call he's got Ace of heartsJack of clubs, the flop comes up blanks, turn is nothing, but of coarse the river is a Jack of spades....out again, man I hate winner takes all Mtt's!!!

btw SS do you know if it'll be running again next week? Innocent

southsidecan Gold 2
3253d ago

anyone here qualify for the august final ???