Can someone tell me what the thumbs up and down are for?

would someone tell please me ,what is the purpose of the vote (up or down)on every quote .seems there are a few discusions with only a few responses and from what i see beside the replies are a 1 vote up and someone else must have checked a vote for down making it 0 votes. then if u keep looking some quotes are in the -negative . doesn't seem to make any sense to me / Are we voting on everyones personnel reponses or to the dicussion??????. if it pertails to the discussion topic it should be applied to the start along with the topic. PLEASE EXPLAIN ????

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PF_Jeff Gold 1
4335d ago
We want the site members to be able to moderate the discussions themselves, for example, if there is a response that doesn't pertain to the discussion subject, members will be allowed to vote it down until it either A-comes to the attention of myself or another mod, or B- dissapears on it's own. We want this to be a Poker forum discussing Poker issues, ideas, situations, pretty much everything and anything related to Poker and not a meaningless forum with meaninless posts. That being said we are soon going to have a points system in place( we're working on it as I type this) where the votes on discussions and posts will actually count towards some great rewards for our members now and in the future. Please remember we're still only in the "beta" stages of our forum there are still a lot of fantastic ideas to forge ahead on and we are always open to suggestions from our membership as to what it is you'd like to see us add on here. Thank you for your question and I hope this response will shed a little light on it. PF_Jeff
southsidecan Gold 2
4335d ago
hi and thanks for explaining how the voting works. It has shed light on this .members will all agree that it will keep all reponses pertained to the subject matter ,by the way the forum is looking good
viceroid Bronze 2
4335d ago
The idea is that people will give a THUMBS UP vote for good responses that help whatever the topic is. If the response is NOT helpful and does not help or contribute to the Question/Discussion, it should get a THUMBS DOWN. If a post has 30 UP votes and 10 BAD votes, their "score" is a 20 (30 - 10). Of course when we get 100s of people voting, we will then easily be able to see what the "Best" and "Worst" answers are, which are very valuable. Members that get a lot of THUMBS UP votes are obviously doing a good job, so we will reward them. Members that have DOWN votes are not doing a great job, so they shouldn't be rewarded. Does that make sense?


DiscoDave Bronze 1
4314d ago
I think it's a fantastic idea. Being involved with quite a few forum sites, I have to spend a lot of time moderating responses. You spend all that time and then all the feedback I usually get is criticism of those i've failed to eject as irrelevant