NHL Charity Shootout Brings Hockey Flavor to Rio

While results won’t be released until the special televised show airs, there was plenty of hockey-themed poker fun in the Amazon Room on Wednesday as Team PokerStars Pros, National Hockey League greats, and online qualifiers all came together for a special charity event, the NHL Charity Shootout. The event was in conjunction with the annual NHL Awards celebration being held at the Palms Casino Resort, just a stone’s throw from the Rio.

The NHL Charity Shootout brought these players together for several rounds of qualifying heats and a final round, to be televised at a later date. The feature-area table in the Amazon Room received a special makeover, as did the surrounding set. The traditional poker felt was replaced with one recreating an NHL rink, complete with red and blue lines, faceoff circles, and even advertising on the miniature boards. The Stanley Cup itself even visited the Amazon Room for the festivities. All told, the day’s festivities raised $150,000 for the Ronald McDonald House of Las Vegas, the NHLPA Goals and Dreams Fund, and other deserving charities.

Among those participating in the charity event were Team PokerStars pros Vanessa Rousso, Dennis Phillips and Chris Moneymaker, while the NHL was well represented with present and former greats Mats Sundin (a PokerStars ambassador), Jeremy Roenick, Mike Richards, Roberto Luongo, Kris Kersteeg, Glenn Anderson, Scott Hartnell, Alex Ovechkin, Eddie Olczyk and others.

PokerStars has published the names of the nine finalists who will appear on the televised program, which will appear in the US on ESPN and ESPN2, in Canada on TSN, and will receive additional airings on the NHL Network:

Scott Hartnell
Roberto Luongo
Murray Ungurain ( qualifier)
Mats Sundin
Vanessa Rousso
Glenn Anderson
Kris Versteeg
Jeremy Roenick
Eddie Olczyk


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jackbliss Silver 1
4606d ago

Hmm I wonder how bad Vanessa Russo was giggling like a school girl among all the big money NHL players.


From what I heard, Luongo & Roenick are quite the pair of poker players, Luongo is a shark & very serious about the game, While Jeremy is Jeremy, but playin on the planes for 20 yrs has made him quite the character at the tables too...I used to hear stories (when I was young & helping my [email protected] the 48th Highlanders club) from a guy named Smitty (he was the trainer for the Leafs in the late 60's early 70's).

 He would tell about card games on the trains in the 50's & 60's that would last from the start of the trip & end when the train stopped in Chicago (12+ hrs later). Punch Imlach had to ban games on some trips, because they wouldn't get any rest before the game!

Posted by PokerPro on 06/22/2009 1:34PM [ Reply ]

I imagine the stakes have gone up quite a bit since then!

Posted by mothersquatch on 06/25/2009 7:59PM [ Reply ]

Ya...average NHL salary in the 50's was around $7, the 60's it got up to about $15,000, that why most players had part time jobs at the end of the season!!!


Has Sundin retired? I he did I havent heard and I follow the Canucks fairly close. I thought he was still great not a former great.