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 Hi There    Cool   as it has been a few months in progression in the beta stages .  

I am starting to think  what is   PokerForums.Net   going to do for its members  and   How  will  they  tell others how great this place actually is   !!

Also to be noted , This forum should be trying to integrate with other  pokersites and  promote some games as we all participate at /and   more than one site 

I have  started some topics and also responded to some but as time goes on    looks like this site  Hit Hard  , looked good   and   has slowed down

it's a shame ////      

 Is it not Time  for   the Staff  to Offer  there Members  some  type of Benefits / rewards for thier contributions   ???  and  New Members something to Strive For ??





just my thoughts -Southsidecan Smile

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Why does PF have to offer cash benifits to it's members? Now if we played dues, I could see that, but I joined the forum because I was getting sick of getting alerts from PI's forum for the usual, "where's my (fill in the blank)"?! SS, did you notice that a couple of the top discussions here are (were) what is the PW for the beta FR???  These kind of "benifits" just bring in the Free roll junkies (I know that I luv FR's), but these "new members" do the minimun needed then disappear.

 I like the quasi independence of PF & it sounds like you want it to be more like PI & to do this they need to generate $$$, how does PF do that?

 How's this for an idea...we as members pay a monthly due of between $1-5, then PF could have a monthly tournament and run a leaderboard for it & have a quarterly & annual tournaments. To be given a ticket for the tournament you'd have to be a member in good standings. To be in good standings, not only would you have to pay dues, but also contribute an certian number of posts as well.

 That should get PF going & keeps it's independence!!!!

Posted by southsidecan on 06/25/2009 11:07PM [ Reply ]

sorry i was not referring to cash back but just something for the members to be able to participate in and discuss --why are you knocking ????

Posted by mothersquatch on 06/26/2009 10:38AM [ Reply ]

Hey SS, I wasn't knocking anything, I replied to your said,"Is it not Time for the Staff to Offer there Members some type of Benefits / rewards for thier contributions ??? and New Members something to Strive For ??" That sure sounds like you want something other than a new topic for discussion??? That is why I suggested the dues solution...& I'm open to playing pretty much anywhere (but PokerStars or PP, I closed my accounts with them).

Posted by southsidecan on 06/27/2009 1:56AM [ Reply ]

pokerstars is not bad ,Full-tilt is a good site also partypoker sucks in my opinion and if something that anything only happend on the ipokernet ,shows that this forum is only related to one site and is not partaking into other avenues which benefits of all and the members but also everyone of the people of fokerforum staff and owners

Posted by mothersquatch on 06/27/2009 11:21AM [ Reply ]

What could be done is (at least what I think) is PF should hook up with a very small room that has little traffic, this way they'll want to "do" things for our group to stay & play...when you hook up with the larger rooms, they don't appreciate your business as much...

Posted by mothersquatch on 06/27/2009 11:21AM [ Reply ]

What could be done is (at least what I think) is PF should hook up with a very small room that has little traffic, this way they'll want to "do" things for our group to stay & play...when you hook up with the larger rooms, they don't appreciate your business as much...

southsidecan Gold 2
3281d ago

MS i would have no problem with your idea as long as all members were to pay ,

on the same side tho      it would then just create a smaller # of members ,might as well just promote some games with an entry

And as far as that goes I would prefer to play at some other sites and not just betmost

I am open for anything    but do not want to be constricted to one poker site

southsidecan Gold 2
3278d ago

why a small room ,at a larger room wouldn't u think players that do not know about  PokerForums.Net  would be curious  to visit the site and see what we are about

Man they might even sign-up and indulge in the forum and league whether it's a entry or freeroll as per the requirements

just think we need to pursue other avenues and not look at one site as i see is happening here,maybe the members think they will be rewarded for considering only one poker site

A larger site has  the revenue to add on to any of the specials we want to offer  as long as our membership is there and as it grows ,would the incentives also not grow as to our participation on a particular site ??  Is bigger not Better

I'am not saying anything as per one particular  poker site but this forum is new and should have eyes  opened  to all oppurtunities and avenues 

Can we not as a growing forum entice other poker sites to commit and help this forum grow and  also there site grow with new members  The larger poker sites also have many more members to attract from


that being the case  I said my thoughts Smile

Last updated: 06/28/2009 11:37PM
Posted by mothersquatch on 06/29/2009 11:09PM [ Reply ]

Smaller room that are just starting up need business, you get in on the ground floor and "if" they do take, they tend to remember those who were there at the start! I keep active accounts at many little rooms over the years & as they grew I tend to get many "little" things ($$$, tickets, shirts & caps, stickers) just for playing on their sites, so if PF could find a smaller site that wants & needs our traffic, mebbe they'd be willing to put up some prize money in PF events...we win they win!!! PS I want to play all different variants too not just NL!!! PSS... as for the part about increasing membership @PF...we both know what kind of members freerolls bring...What PF needs is one of us to get into the FTP Canadian final table with PF shirts & caps on, that'll gettem comin to the site!!!

Posted by southsidecan on 07/01/2009 4:59AM [ Reply ]

Ms do you have any extra shirts .i take a XL,and a ticket would a;so be nice ---let me know

Posted by mothersquatch on 07/01/2009 10:04PM [ Reply ]

Well I've been sent me some golf & T shirts, but they are mostly s,m,l...mebbe one xl & the XL's are tight on me!! Next time you're in TO male your way upto the Hill & we can see if it'll cause I don't think I'll be in your neck of the woods for a while...teeheehee

PF_Jeff Gold 1
3277d ago

There will be a points system coming in very soon, with incentives and rewards for being active, as well as some features that will knock your socks off! Unfortunatly , these things cannot all be added at once, trust me when I say we'll be #1 in less than a year!

Posted by sfnwht on 09/04/2010 11:48AM [ Reply ]

Well it's been more than a year, hope the next year actually brings some people here.


I can't wait, this is already becoming a very decent forum to participate in! Looking forward to the "suprises"!

southsidecan Gold 2
3276d ago

Surprised  myself don't really care about surprises --they are usually bills at the end of the month !!