OnGame Network software problems....

I was checking out my account @Hollywood yesterday, just to find that tickets I had were missing. So I tried live support, just to be told that they couldn't tell me anything because of the system upgrades, just log in later to see?! So I looked into the lobby chat to see who was talking about what... low & behold the chat was all about a $10,000 add Summer bash mtt that wouldn't start... 4000 players are screaming for their refunds or asking when it will start...the mods were silent.

 Today I logged into my account, my tickets are back, but in the lobby, players are still asking what happened to yesterdays tournament & where are their refunds???  Ever since the new software, anytime I've logged in there all I see are complaints about not being able to log into accounts, money & tickets missing, or not being able to get your tables. Now with GP's with added cash are being "interrupted" or not starting, I'm wondering if there's more going on there than just glitches in the software???

 Anyone else see the same thing? Anyone else having problems with their accounts there or elsewhere on that network???

I'll be playing out my tickets and see if I can rebuild from nothing (again) there, but I don't think I'll be playing in any buy-in mtt's till they figure out what they are doing...

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PF_Jeff Gold 1
3490d ago

Sounds like a lot of data was lost, this is why it's better to stick with the larger conglomerates.

Posted by mothersquatch on 06/29/2009 10:46PM [ Reply ]

it's not just lost tickets that I would worry about, but when GP's are "interupted" and /or cancelled and mod's are telling players refunds will be coming in the next week...I get concerned & OnGame isn't a tiny network & I was around when Pokerroom had that problem a few years ago after a advertised BIG Xmas GP finished and player were paid...they had money taken back for reasons that were cloudy (They said/site said, but I did follow it in the forum there & it was ugghly!!!), so when things get wierd on a site, you need to beware!!!

Posted by PF_Jeff on 06/30/2009 11:38AM [ Reply ]

Absolutely, when money and tournaments just start to just disappear, or freeze like that , its just a lack of integrity!