Would You Teach Your Kids Poker

After reading some posts from other forums about kids and poker ,i thought  I would throw in my 2 cents worth in

Going thru the lifecycle   It has many risks and problems  as does the game of poker ,    learning the game of poker can  add value in the learning of  monetary  values and decisions of risk  taking

Poker does teach us that we do not know everything or there outcomes and  therefore  we are forced to make sudden decisions without knowing the results till the finish

The making of those decisions and teaching our kids may just help them  in there  Quest in Life.   These are important life skills and yes I teach my kids poker and hopefully they will remember there are risks and rewards and know the odds of there decisionSmile



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Well I have no problem teaching my son poker....he would play with a cheap software I picked up (Limit Hold'em only) & I would play with him, but he didn't like the game, I guess that's because there's no monsters like in Yu-Gi-Oh...



Here's a little story about kids & poker....

  Nowadays kids in school around here can't do pretty much anything I did as a kid in a school yard during recess any more (ie: British Bulldog, Red Rover, murderball or dodge-ball, baseball (with a bat), hockey (with a stick from home), full contact football, snowball fights...), anything which involved any fisical contact between kids isn't allowed, they can't bring in hockey cards to trade (like I did when I was a kid, anyone remember this....gottem, gottem, gottem, needem, needem, gottem?) This included the new kid card games @ 1 school I worked at  (like Yugi & pokemon), so after one indoor recess where I was told that a supervised armwrestling & twister was a no-no, I started to wonder   what kids can do for entertainment for recess...Then I started to see kids of all ages from grade 4 to 8 starting up games of Holdem, so I asked about if they were allowed to do this??

 To my surprise the Principal said yes, as long as there is no real money involved!?! I was told, that poker is a good training tool for math & as long as gambling is explained to be not for kids & they don't use real money (but they can use the fake $$$ the school uses) it's ok...????

 Now you know why our kids are confused nowadays, gambling bad with real money, gambling with fake money good for math, fisical actives good, but don't touch...

As I've said many times, If Tom Sawyer & Huc-Fin were born today, they be diagnosed as ADD, anti-socials & medicated & would look & act like Cartman from Southpark...


Posted by PF_Jeff on 06/30/2009 11:13AM [ Reply ]

yup seems to be an excuse, or a diagnosis for everything and anything these days!

Blacksun Silver 1
4225d ago

Well as i don't have kids I guess its a moot point but if I did I would have no problem teaching them the game and once i felt they were old enough i would let them play.

Posted by southsidecan on 07/01/2009 4:46AM [ Reply ]

blacksun if you will teach them ,then are you not letting them play also ,isn't this the lesson for them to learn

PokerPro Bronze 3
4222d ago

There are quite a few commercials all over  television saying it's terrible to teach kids any form of gambling. I think they need to be old enough to understand the consequences of gambling when you're losing. I have 2 kids and they are both in school or in bed before I turn on my computer to play! I beleive they shouldn't see it until they are a bit older, and can understand that real money is involved.

southsidecan Gold 2
4219d ago

television or not ,would you not rather teach  and show your kids how they might loose and also win ,Would it not show them they can have the confidence to survive even after loosing  and give them some  positive thoughts as to what will affect them as they go thru Life 

Keeping them in the Dark will not let them see the real world  as it Is,

Last updated: 07/06/2009 11:45PM
southsidecan Gold 2
4184d ago

Cool  With all Kids young or older, I do not believe in keeping them in the Dark,        Kids know alot more then we think  or want to think they know , sometimes we need to give ourselfs a shake  and open our eyes as these people are growing and we  become stagnant and closed eyed    looking to what we  feel and do not want to see where there coming from

the world has changed and our youth has become Smarter .       Innocent       Listen  &   Teach them  so they will maybe not make as many mistakes as we have

They are never to Young   !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Smile

Last updated: 08/10/2009 8:21PM
SAMoh1 Bronze 1
3800d ago

I used to play poker as a kid myself, and I have taught my daughter to play. Sometimes when I am late for a tourny I call and get her to play my cards until I get there. I stress that it is OK to bust out if you do so playing strong hands, but don't let people push you aroud.

The two life skills that poker teaches you (and I try and teach the kids) is that you need good decision making skills to go far, and that sometimes to need to stand up for yourself, otherwise you will wind up being pushed around by everyone.