Now the Chinese wants to give it a try to......

make a Poker movie:


The Asian Poker Tour is busily preparing for the first ever poker festival on the grounds of the Galaxy StarWorld Hotel and Casino in Macau and, as an added feature for participants, the festivities from August 12th through the 23rd will be the stage for the filming of a Chinese poker film.

The film, tentatively titled “Poker King” and being directed by Chinese language directors Chan Hing-Kai and Janet Chun and produced by Amy Chin and Chan Hing-Kai, will use the Asian Poker Macau Festival as the stage for its movie. The production will tell the story of two poker rivals competing for world championship glory and features such Chinese actors as Louis Koo, Sean Lau Ching-Wan, Stephy Tang, Cherrie In and Josie Ho. It is expected that the film will be completed for its cinematic release later this year.

Tom Hall, the CEO of Asian Logic - which owns the Asian Poker Tour - states that the movie will only add to the excitement following the first APT event last year. “This is a very exciting project and is sure to provoke even more excitement about The Asian Poker Macau Festival”, Hall said. “Players across the region and from around the world are encouraged to come to the StarWorld and play at the Asian Poker Tour Macau when it begins on August 12th.”

There is also a possibility that some of the most prominent Asian poker stars in the game will have cameos in the movie. The APT’s sponsored professional players “The Poker Pack” - featuring recent World Series of Poker bracelet winners J. C. Tran and Steve Sung, 2008 “November Nine” member David “Chino” Rheem and Quinn Do, Nam Le and Kwang Soo Lee - are said to be in negotiations for substantial parts in the “Poker King” film.

Even though the film will be the focus of some of the attention in Macau, the tournament will be the first celebration of poker in the Chinese territory of Macau. The Asian Poker Macau Festival stretches from August 12th through the 23rd and will feature plenty of action for participants. Preliminary tournaments starting at a mere 500 Hong Kong Dollars (about $64 America) will be featured all the way up to the start of the APT Macau Main Event, a 32,000 HKD buy in (slightly over $4,000 USD). There will be three Day Ones for the APT Macau Main Event, which begin on August 19th. The final table is scheduled for August 23rd and will have television coverage.

Organizers of the Asian Poker Macau Festival have enlisted the expert skills of tournament director Matt Savage to oversee the time in Macau and Savage should provide a wealth of side games and events for those in attendance. High limit games and Sit And Go tables should be a prominent feature of Savage’s efforts.

Last year, the Asian Poker Tour’s journey to Macau drew some of the biggest names in the game for six days of poker and featured the debut of one of the current stars of the game. Professional players such as two-time World Champion Doyle Brunson and fellow former World Champion Johnny Chan (who is scheduled to return for this year’s festival), 2008 WSOP Europe champion John Juanda and popular female professional Liz Lieu were all part of the action. The tournament itself was won by the then-newcomer to live poker Yevgeniy Timoshenko, who picked up $500,000 for the APT Macau championship and went on to win the WPT Championship in April of this year.

The Asian Poker Tour is bringing the poker world to the Pacific Rim through a unique cooperation of companies. Through such online poker rooms as Party Poker, and Titan Poker and land based casinos in the Philippines and Hong Kong, the field for this year’s event is expected to explode past last year’s gathering. For a full look at the schedule of preliminary events for the Asian Poker Tour Macau festival, visit the Asian Poker Tour website to learn more.




SOURCE: Poker News Daily

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MichFran Silver 3
3952d ago

Johnny Chan Says “Poker King” Could Be Next “Rounders”


As preparations continue at the Galaxy StarWorld Hotel and Casino in Macau for the Asian Poker Tour Festival Macau (which starts next Tuesday), players are beginning to flood the Chinese territory. One of those players is former World Champion Johnny Chan, who is on hand not only for the poker that will be played between August 12th and August 23rd but also for the filming of the Chinese poker film tentatively titled “Poker King.”

Chan, who also had a significant role in the seminal American poker film “Rounders”, envisions that “Poker King” could have a similar impact on China when released. “It (‘Poker King’) has the potential to be much, much bigger than ‘Rounders’ ever was,” Chan declared after arriving in Macau. “Say there are over one billion Chinese speaking people in the world”, the 1987-1988 winner of the WSOP Championship Event asked. “Now compare that to the United States and their 300 million people…you can see that this could be huge. ‘Rounders’ gave poker a new lease of life in the West - this could kick start a new poker boom in Asia.”

Chan is looking to be a part of the film – which is tentatively slated to use the Asian Poker Tour’s “Poker Pack” of J. C. Tran, Nam Le, Quinn Do, Steve Sung, David “Chino” Rheem and Kwan Soo Lee during filming – much like he was as a part of the filming of “Rounders.” Looking back at his involvement in the 1998 poker film, Chan remembered his time on the set fondly. “I had a fantastic time filming ‘Rounders’ back in the 90s”, Chan recalled. “A big part of my involvement was behind the scenes, where I helped teach Matt Damon, Edward Norton and John Malkovich how to play poker. I also played myself in the film and, to this day, it gives me recognition in the mainstream outside of poker circles.”

“The film had a huge impact on poker and gave it a new lease of life”, Johnny continued. “In fact, I was recently talking to Chris Moneymaker – who is credited by many as being a catalyst for the poker boom in the West – and he said without the influence of ‘Rounders,’ he wouldn’t have even have tried to qualify for the WSOP Main Event that he won! People got turned on by it and I can see this happening with ‘Poker King’ in the Chinese language world.”

The film, which will be directed by famous Chinese language director Chan Hing-Kai and Janet Chun and, produced by Amy Chin and Chan Hing-Kai, will use the festivities around the Galaxy StarWorld as a backdrop for their film. The film will tell the story of two poker champions – who are also bitter enemies – as they vie for the world championship of poker. Starring Chinese actors Louis Koo, Sean Lau Ching-Wan, Stephy Tang, Cherrie In and Josie Ho, the film is slated for release in China later this year.

With the excitement regarding the filming of “Poker King,” some may be distracted from the actual poker itself being played. The Asian Poker Tour Festival Macau is scheduled to have twenty official side tournaments, a plethora of high stakes cash games and the 32,000 Hong Kong Dollar (slightly over $4000 U. S. Dollars) Championship Event. Last year’s gathering – a six day event – drew such poker notables as Chan, fellow former World Champion Doyle Brunson, top female poker player Liz Lieu and others to a locale that has passed Las Vegas as the gaming capital of the world. The eventual champion was up and coming professional Yevgeniy Timoshenko, who burst upon the scene in Macau and went on to win the WPT Championship in April of this year.