$550,000 BetMostPoker Spring Cash Dash!

This is insane! You guys need to check it out... http://www.betmostpoker.com/leaderboards/spring-cash-dash $550,000 is being paid out! How can you beat that?

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PF_Birdman Silver 1
3298d ago
I think it's a sick promotion, but it drives me nuts how much some people play. I feel like I cannot have a life outside of Poker if I want any chance at winning those huge leaderboard cash prizes. Those players must play about 18 hours per day, 8 tables at a time with no breaks. Do they have servants bring them food and drinks? Because they sure don't have time to do it themselves! With cash rewards that high, I guess there's plenty of reason why the competition is so tough!
PF_Jeff Gold 1
3297d ago
"high rollers" game for sure. does anyone know if they have different levels for the limits you can play?


  • a "high rollers" game for sure.
  • does anyone know if they have different levels for the limits you can play?
wilou67 Bronze 1
3296d ago
i agree with you i think its a mad competition or perhaps just for ROBOTS POKER PLAYER LOL
Posted by PF Brandon on 04/22/2009 7:02PM [ Reply ]

It's either bots OR it's a group of people acting as one player. Think about 3 friends each taking 4 tables on different monitors ... it's possible.

Posted by azzadinebahi on 04/26/2009 2:14PM [ Reply ]

quite true, with that much money to be had, anything is possible.

wilou67 Bronze 1
3296d ago
Well I find that IPoker doesn't seem to want to reward thier tournament players as much as they do thier Cash table players. I guess I can understand, if you do a budy search for these 2 High stakes players (snake8484 & ihami) these 2 will have (between them) almost $400,000 on 16 tables each, HU & 6 seaters NL, these guys can put in several thousand hands daily at limits of $50-100 and higher (& each level has "sharks" like these trolling about!!)...so unless IPoker comes up with a competition that works more like PokerInside's Fantasy Hand, I don't see the smaller player ever being able to compete in these Cash Dash style of competitions. As for tournaments, why can't IPoker do something in line with what FTP does and have leader boards for different level sng & mtt players? I wouldn't expect the same level of rewards as the Cash Dash, but something like a Free roll at the end of each competition would be nice??? But that just my thoughs.....
PF_Jeff Gold 1
3296d ago
actually that's not a bad idea,maybe e-mail them and see what they say :)
jackbliss Silver 1
3295d ago
not sure if i can type this here but anyway, I have seen that promotion via PI and if you belong they will also give you money back while you're playing this dash. I can't afford the stakes but some of you can I'm sure.
PF_Jeff Gold 1
3295d ago
What do you mean by that ms? the ecoop is a HUGE event worth a few million!
ricky_roman Bronze 1
3295d ago
I wish I could afford those games! Can you imagine the pressure these guys play with everyday? we think we're doing ok with a $75 win LOL!
azzadinebahi Bronze 1
3295d ago
There are also a lot of feeders to these big money tournaments with little risk to your bankroll, why not give it a shot?
"PF_Jeff on April 14th 2009 1:24PM What do you mean by that ms? the ecoop is a HUGE event worth a few million!" Yes Ecoop is a huge event, but most qualifier are a rb/a & some of the finals too (Ecoop #9 $100,000 Omaha PL hi/lo). While I'm up for a challenge, I'm not up for multiple rb/a tournaments....it's just too hard on the BR! What I'm talking about is a competition set-up in the same way they do the cash dashes... broken down into 3 levels (micro-$1, $2-10, 10up) you get pts for your finishes and at the end there's a tournament for each level. Special sng's & mtt's can be set-up (in the same way they do the JP sng's, with a slightly higher fees that can be pooled for each levels final). I guess what I'm asking for is to be rewarded for my regular play in the same way the Cash Dash rewards cash table players for thier regular play?
svile001 Bronze 1
3292d ago
Yesterday I was playing at betmost, and saw that we need to wait 2 members on their turn. I just go to see at how many tables they play, believe me or not, they play 16 tables at same time?!! They must be crazy...really.
southsidecan Gold 2
3292d ago
You would have to get brain fade playin all those tables and even more so after a period of time .Im wondering if these guys are using some type of software to assist there play and help them manage their tables ,they probably have like 4 monitiors in front of them???????? it would be to much for me to handle -have enough trouble concentrating on 2-3 games yo
Posted by PF_Jeff on 05/06/2009 11:36AM [ Reply ]

I def beleive the "brain fade" part southside LOL :)

SharkD1 Bronze 1
3274d ago
they are pushing us to live a exclusivelly poker life, INSANE!!!! WHY?
Posted by PF_Jeff on 05/06/2009 11:35AM [ Reply ]

Because they know we're already half way there :)

mastereiden Bronze 2
3254d ago

yeah if you wonne see some of this money you shore have 2 play in the biggest cashtables 2-3 hours every day

berni911 Bronze 1
3251d ago

A lot of times, I-Poker doesen`t work

Moosie102 Bronze 1
3115d ago

these are sick promotions that are always geared towards high roller players strictly,,,i do have lif beypund poker!!!!!!

szakiz Silver 1
2678d ago

It not for me ,sure

PF Brandon