PokerHander is on the way!!!!


           PokerForum has something NEW  for you all to help you track down & upload all those hands, it's called.. PokerHander !!! 

 It's an easy way to show off your BIG WINS & BAD BEATS to everyone!!! It's in it's early stages and PF needs some tester & feedback from them to get this rolling.

 Take a look at the new page (PokerHands Tab Wink) and anyone interested in helping out in the testing of this NEW IDEA, just leave a post & someone will get you the info!!!


 Also watch for PokerForum's Newsletter to be coming out later this month with some other BIG ANNOUNCEMENTS!!!!

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PF_Jeff Gold 1
4430d ago

This is going to be big guys so hurry and be one of the first to say you used it!

Oneiros Silver 3
4429d ago

Tricked me a little that you call it PokerHander and the tab is called Poker Hands :)
Will look at it immediately.

Posted by mothersquatch on 09/09/2009 1:03PM [ Reply ]

Well let us know what you think & if you are interested in helping PF test it out?? But I'll tell you, it makes posting hands a breeze!!! A lot less typing (which is great for me...Mr. 2finger

Posted by PF_Jeff on 09/09/2009 2:01PM [ Reply ]

we are only accepting 10-15 alpha testers, are you interested? e-mail me.

Posted by PF_Birdman on 09/15/2009 2:33AM [ Reply ]

Hi buddy, I added you to the ALPHA testing phase. You should be able to access the software by using the POKER HANDS section up top. Please leave all feedback and suggestions in the Feedback / Suggestions > PokerHander discussion category. Thanks!


We got 6 testers so far, but we still need at least 4 more!!!!

PF_Birdman Silver 1
4423d ago

Guys (and girls), if you are interested in testing with us, please just put a COMMENT or RESPONSE here so we know to add you. Thanks!

cplbear16 Silver 1
4421d ago

ok weird thought i already responded didnt show up so here we go again

am ready willing and able just need the software

cplbear16 Silver 1
4421d ago

ok me bad  found link in email mother sry

cyclop43 Bronze 1
4052d ago

Well try to help you. But in general it\u0026#39;s a good idea.