Bubble Buster Tournament

There is a tourney on KS poker called the BUBBLE BUSTER TOURNAMENT...........to qualify..all you have to do is bubble on any real money tourney with 20 or more players........then send your user-name and tourney ID to [email protected] .quoting Bubble buster application..........Money mouth the prize is...you play in a 1000 euro tourney..with a max of ten players Surprised (the last one had 5 players)  Cool   The best  way(cheapest) is to play in the 10cents re-buy tourneys..........thats the way i just done it..Laughing

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PF_Jeff Gold 1
3905d ago

LOL George , you and your free roll info! You and mothersquatch are both free roll addicts!

Posted by george59 on 10/29/2009 10:16AM [ Reply ]

Must be our Scottish blood...lol

george59 Gold 1
3881d ago

Money mouthJust did it again in the 10 cents rebuy Laughing iv,e qualified for the same tourney twice.....rumour is i might get a big consolation prizeLaughing

george59 Gold 1
3781d ago

Cry The bubble finaly bust at KS......the site did aswellCry ....still i won 3 hundred euros before it did  Laughing