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I am finding it hard to see when people respond to threads i have
either started, or is interested in seeing the development in.

If you click on discussions you can see the latest discussions, views, responses and last response.
My thread "Not able to upload any cash play" is listed with PF Allon as last response 09/29.

The problem is that he wrote replies 09/30 and 10/01 and I can't see it without going in and look for it.
This is no problem when you have few threads and the threads are small and you have some memory.
But it doesn't take much activity to make this an impossible task.

Also my reply 10/04 is something that you have to actively look for to find.
I didn't say anything interesting this time, but I could the next.. :)

Being notified of activity in the threads you are interested in will decrease responsetime and
increase the activity in the forum.

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Thank you for the input there Oneiros! Someone will look into to that.

Posted by Oneiros on 10/05/2009 9:55AM [ Reply ]

Hi Mother :) Got an email that notified me of your response, which is good. testing enter shift enter

Posted by Oneiros on 10/05/2009 9:57AM [ Reply ]

I would like enter to work in comments.. :)

PF_Allon Silver 1
3548d ago

I agree. Email notifications for responses is useful, but we need them for comments as well.

Last updated: 10/06/2009 2:55PM
Moosie102 Bronze 1
3543d ago

yes email response for sure

dackjaniels Bronze 1
3535d ago

Many forums embolden (use bold print for) the title of a thread if new posts have been added since you last viewed the thread, this only works when logged into the forum of course. Perhaps this would be useful here?

pomppoker Silver 1
3496d ago

Can the discussions not be subscribed to like forums?