Looking for new a pokerroom with good signup offer


Im looking for a new poker room, already got pkr, unibet, expekt, poker heaven, betway, everest poker  and partypoker.

The best i have found is ultimatebet Poker with 111% signup bonus

Anybody know of a better pokerroom?

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Oneiros Silver 3
3557d ago

The best pokerroom is not the one with the highest bonus,
but the one you enjoy the most while playing.

I see that you don't have BetMost on your list.
BetMost, paired with PokerInside and a good sponsor (gives you the same VIPdeal),
enhances your experience and can make playing poker more enjoyable for you. :)

Depending on how you play etc, you get access to weekly freerolls that aren't overloaded.

To get max benefits you have to do it in this order:

1. Find yourself a good PokerInside sponsor.
2. Sign up for PokerInside with your sponsors refurl.
3. Download BetMost from inside the PokerInside membersarea.

You will get a 200% First Deposit Bonus up to $600.

Last updated: 10/18/2009 3:45PM
dackjaniels Bronze 1
3556d ago

I agree witt Oneiros, the site with the largest bonus is not necessarily the best for you.

Most sites require you to play long hours multitabling every day to clear the bonus before it expires, or play without bankroll management which is even worse.

Find a site that suits you and play your best game, the real money will come from other players and rakeback (or PokerInside payback), not from deposit bonuses (although they can help of course)


gl at the tables! Laughing

Posted by PF_Jeff on 10/27/2009 8:02PM [ Reply ]

good post :)

june879 Bronze 1
3441d ago

Zwei wichtige Voraussetzungen sollte das Casino erfullen:

1. Bonusanwendung fur Roulette
2. Zeroteilung


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  • www.las-vegas-casinos-online.net/it/
  • www.las-vegas-casinos-online.net/nl/
cyclop43 Bronze 1
3233d ago

Whatever did not say, I prefer to play tested and popular rooms. Now appear and disappear in anywhere there are many rooms. I prefer not to risk it.