PokerHander v0.2.1.1 Released!

A new version of PokerHander has been released. Restart the application to receive the update.


* SP1 for the .NET Framework 2.0 is no longer required (to get rid of the "MissingMethodException" error).
* The application now starts up faster, since it no longer checks for updates at startup, but instead during sign-in.
* Parsing of files on computers with a non-English version of Windows now works correctly.
* Added a "Show Source" link at the top right corner of the Game Details window, which allows viewing of the source data that is parsed by PokerHander.
* Added a "Show all games from this table" link above the table details on the Game Details window, which opens up a new tab on the main window listing all games played on the same table.
* Added a Game menu to the main window, as an alternate to the right click menu.
* Added an additional filter "Was Uploaded", which enables filtering according to the upload status of the game.
* After refreshing, if there are files which previously failed to load, clicking the status bar brings up the error reporting window and allows sending an error report.
* Saved Searches:
   - The names of saved searches are now preserved when saving an existing saved search.
   - When saving a search with a name that already exists, a prompt to overwrite appears.
   - The current sort order is saved with the search, and is restored when opening that saved search.
   - New shortcut keys: Ctrl+E for editing a search and Ctrl+S for saving a search.
   - Fixed display issues and saving issues with the Game Type and Table Limit filters.
* Games with Raise as an action in Third Street will now parse correctly.
* Quick Search now only contains the most relevant filters. The rest of the filters can be found in Advanced Search.
* When searching using filters that have corresponding columns in the game list, the default sort order of the results will be according to that column, and will be in descending order if "is at most" comparison in used.
* Added a Sort By menu, as an alternative to clicking the column headers.
* Many other minor changes, fixes and additions.

If you have comments about the new version, you can just post them here.
If you have an issue with updating to the new version, or an issue using the new version, please start a new discussion and give a detailed description of the problem.

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Oneiros Silver 3
4128d ago

Got the new version. Says:

Unable tp sign you in to

Because I don't have access to beta.
The typo is what I see, not me typing badly.. :)

Posted by PF_Allon on 11/09/2009 5:21PM [ Reply ]

Typo fixed (for the next version). Access should also be fixed now, please try again. Thanks for reporting these issues.

Posted by Oneiros on 11/10/2009 2:26PM [ Reply ]

Login and upload worked ok.

Trykutza Silver 1
3658d ago


tonyhe Bronze 1
3624d ago

that's great, but how can i post my thread?