$10,000 Football Final: Get on the field for just 1¢

Pot Full of Footy Goodies
$10,000 Football Final: Get on the field for just 1¢

This tournament is an incredible chance for you to get $10,000 richer practically for free! Buy in for just 1¢ and you're in Group Stage, the first round of this tournament. At least 10 players from 8 separate tourneys will win a seat at the next round: Round of 16. From there you'll kick and spin your way to the Quarter Finals, Semi Finals and the Final – where the $10,000 will be awarded.

Group Stages Tourney
Buy- in:1¢
When: June 11, 13, 15, 17, 19, 21, 23, 25 - at 21:00 GMT
At least 10 seats guaranteed to Round of 16
Top 15 will get $10 free bets at 888sport

Round of 16

Buy- in:$1
When: June 29 at 21:00 GMT
At least 50 seats guaranteed to the Quarter Final
Top 15 will get $10free bets at 888sport

Quarter Final
Buy- in:$5
When: July 3 at 21:00 GMT
At least 25 seats guaranteed to the Semi Final
Top 15 will get $10 free bets at 888sport

Semi Final
Buy- in:$20
When: July 6 at 21:00 GMT
At least 10 seats guaranteed to the Final
Top 20 will get $10 free bets at 888sport

Final – $10,000 Guaranteed
Buy- in:$60
When: July 9 at 19:00 GMT

Welcome Bonus

That’s 25% instantly (up to $100) + 75% pending (up to $300) = a whopping 100% up to $400 on your first deposit! There's no warmer welcome in any poker room anywhere!


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ExOnlinePro Silver 1
3048d ago

This post looks a bit messed up to me to be honest, it´s black text on very very dark gray?

Posted by pokerfree on 06/19/2010 5:45AM [ Reply ]

I improved the post

Posted by ExOnlinePro on 06/20/2010 7:31PM [ Reply ]

Thanks, I can read it now =)


I found the colour changes on 888's website make it hard to read as well. Blue on Black??? As for this competition, it does seem like a lot of work for only a $10,000 GP? I remember for the last WC IPoker ran a great series of mtt's & they were free rolls.

 But with the recession hitting everyone hard, I guess it'll be a while till we see offers like those again! Cry


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