Poker and sportsbooks get involved in soccer

More and more poker rooms and sportsbooks are getting involved in European soccer.  Bwin as agreed to a partnership with the second tier Serie B league and the name will be changed to Serie Bwin.  Betfair made a deal to sponsor the British Athletes commission.  Do you guys think the involvement of these companies is good for sports?  

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I think that it depends how much involvement these companies have.  There is so much speculation on point shaving and players taking money to fix a game.  That is what worries me about it.  

ExOnlinePro Silver 1
4206d ago

As long as it´s good for Poker :)

PF_pitboss Platinum 3
4205d ago

I think a casino or poker room is fine to sponsor a sports team and has been done with regularity in the English Premier league and elsewhere, but that their sportsbooks shouldn't really be associated with the teams, as they benefit directly from the betting on those games. 

cyclop43 Bronze 1
4160d ago

I think this is more a publicity stunt.