Strange contests and prop bets

You always hear about strange contests and prop bets in the poker world.  Who can eat a pile of wasabi, or who can jump in a shark tank?  The most recent one that got a lot of attention was the Ted Forrest weight loss bet where he won $2 million from Mike Matusow, Justin Smith and others. -

I always wonder why people push themselves so hard in these bets and contests.  Is it so important to win at the cost of health or life?

Look at this example from today - In some sauna last longer contest where someone died and the winner was hospitalized with burns, open bleeding and skin coming off.


What are some crazy prop bets you have heard of?

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I read about the sauna and that is just crazy!!! I know someone who ate a dollar bill for $100.  He was sick for days hahah!!!!

Last updated: 08/14/2010 12:50PM
Posted by newt27 on 08/26/2010 12:04PM [ Reply ]

i would eat a dollar bill for $100!