Looking for forex trading tips..

Hey I have recently started to look more and more into forex trading, mainly currencies... to be completely honest right now I don't really know what I am doing but one thing sure there is some money to be made trading currencies. Would just like to know if someone has tips or advices on where to start, what to read etc. Right I am pretty much googling for some random info.

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PF_pitboss Platinum 3
4291d ago

I've heard that trading, whether it be forex, stocks, bonds or commodities, have some similarities to poker.  You are dealing in risk management, EV decisions, swings, so I could see poker players doing well at it, but I don't know anything specific about forex.


There are lots of places to get started.  Watch videos and read as many books as you can.  I think that trendlines are the best way to trade.  Like in poker you have to find your opponents tendencies, same is true for the market.  Lots of places offer a free fake account where you can practice.  That is where i would start.  


Yep I started a slowly but so far so good winning a little bit of money, its fresh and new compared to poker for me.