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Pokers top player rankings are out.  Phil Ivey is back in the #1 spot just like his look alike Tiger Woods.  Should we check Ivey's phone and find out if he is up to anything?  

See the rest of the top 10 here....


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PF_Sam Silver 1
4290d ago

It is too bad Daniel Negreanu could not make the list.  He has a great personality and he is fun to watch play.  Great call on the look alike comment! 

PF_pitboss Platinum 3
4289d ago

Hard to argue with that list -

1. Phil Ivey

2. Michael Mizrachi

3. Tom Dwan

4. Jason Mercier

5. Daniel Alaei

6. Eric Baldwin

7. John Juanda

8. Patrik Antonius

9. Sorel Mizzi

10. Alexander Kostritsyn

The list is heavilly weighted on recent accomplishment, WSOP results mixed with online high stakes cash game play.  I always find it odd when they mix the two.

Posted by pomppoker on 08/19/2010 6:54PM [ Reply ]

Have to agree here. There should be two lists online and offline.

franck221 Bronze 1
4283d ago

Or are daniel negreanu and gus hansen?

zakaownz Bronze 1
4283d ago

I dont rly think anyone will ever be better than ivey, he is like Poker's Pele, the guy is good at every type of poker. just sick.

Last updated: 08/26/2010 5:34AM
Badcall84 Bronze 1
4283d ago

Hard to pick to top 10.

Of course Phil Ivey is no1 in both tournament and cash poker, but when it comes to only tournaments imo best atm are:

Jeff Lisandro

Scotty Nguyen

Michael Mizrachi

Erik Seidel

Juan Carlos Mortensen

Daniel Negreanu

Men Nguyen



Last updated: 08/26/2010 6:08AM
trivans Silver 2
4283d ago

all that you mentioned are excellent players in their own way.
In any case, the funniest is Daniel Negreanu!

unsearchable Bronze 1
4283d ago

Phil Ivey the best, but Daniel Negreanu funniest player))

Garak1984 Bronze 1
4283d ago

And Where is Doyle Brunson? :D

Br4nkoD Bronze 1
4283d ago

Gus Hansen? He is down by alot, like 8.5M o0 he lost 3.7M in one session also :]] But i think is he can probably afford it :]]