Antonius Controversy

First Antonius claims he could lose millions in Full Tilt debacle.

Then it's discovered that he only had $100 in his Full Tilt account.

He played after Black Friday and won hundreds of thousands against Euros.

The money is all gone from his account, but he said he had difficulty withdrawing it.

He said he's owed millions by other players ($2.4 million by one player alone) who claim they aren't treating it as real money or paying it back currently.

His story is sound less sympathetic  and more shady. (he did get 9th in 2011 WSOPE main event for €90,000 and supposedly backed Michael Mizrachi in his win for €350k plus. So he's making some coin even without playing online.

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77timmy1986 Silver 2
3463d ago

Even if the players that owe him money aren't reimbursed from Full Tilt, they still need to pay their debts. Even if his situation seems shady, if he's owed money he should be payed.

TedHeris Silver 3
3461d ago

We all talk about confusion. One says to, one says other. Then it turns out the other. I think everyone is lying!

axistilt23 Silver 2
3456d ago

Sounds like some Martha Stewart insider-trading going on here. Antonius heard a rumor and then bam all his money is gone from that account. Very fishy.