How far they are falling?

Tom McEvoy, who is up for a Poker Hall of Fame induction and former WSOP Main Event winner was not retained by PokerStars as  featured pro earlier in 2011. Now he is announcing a new representation for a non-wagering online poker site.

The 66-year-old pro hasn't won anything of note in years, but representing an unproven social networking free-play site that is still in Beta testing seems a fall that he and other pros are experiencing in the wake of Black Friday.

“We are thrilled to have a person with Tom’s credentials join our team. Tom McEvoy is one of the best known names in the poker world, not to mention a true gentleman of the game. Tom has an unquestionable reputation for integrity as well as a World Class Poker Player. His years of industry experience and guidance is a powerful addition to the team, while we go through the next stages of development and ultimately product release.”

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zzbigstackzz Silver 2
2429d ago

I saw Tom on tv a couple of times and I read about him in Super System, I believe. But other than that he's just kind of a myth... A name I've heard but not a guy that I would imagine carries much marketing weight, especially with younger players. Still, for this site it seems like a huge score. Any time an unknown entity can land a WSOP Main Event champion it's asolid move.