Old school favorite resurfaces - Brian Townsend

I used to really enjoy following the career of Brian Townsend when he was hot and the best online player challenging all the best players at the highest stakes. He had a very analytical eye and perspective in his training videos and I remember his legendary match with Sammy Farha in Vegas a few years ago that signaled the young internet whiz kids taking on the biggest live names.

He fell on hard times with massive swings and losses, and the humiliation of a couple of scandals on Full Tilt Poker; multi-accounting and purchasing bulk hand histories against Isildur1. I heard he is no longer engaged to Kara Scott and moved to Canada to continue playing online.

Saw on HSB that he's been playing some decent games on PokerStars, $100/$200 PLO and winning and losing decent amounts of $85 or so. I hope he comes back and re-establishes himself as a good player again.

I like seeing players that I've followed over the last 5-6 years recover from struggles to maintain a visible presence in the game.

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77timmy1986 Silver 2
2366d ago

I wonder how many poker pros go bust at some point in their career. I bet it's like 99%. Gambling is the only job where you can show up for work and lose money.

Posted by zzbigstackzz on 10/26/2011 10:49AM [ Reply ]

I heard Doyle Brunson say that Allen Cunningham was the only person he knew of that never went broke playing cards. It's hard to imagine winning so much money and then seeing it disappear just as fast, if not faster, then you won it. That's the thing with any kind of gambling you have to be able to take the swings. It's not for the faint of heart which is why most people can't do it.

pokerkid99 Bronze 1
2278d ago

This illusion that poker is going to make you rich, is really dangerour, proof is even pro´s are going bust, despite of all the proclaimed wins.

I wouldnt recommend Poker for living to anyone.


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