PokerStarsclosing in on 70 billion hands

Poker Stars really launched the online poker explosion and is now inching towards there 70 billionth hand. I remember when I used to play on Poker Stars, I was young and it was so much fun. Every Summer I'd stay up till 5 am and try to get lucky in freeroll tournaments while playing the micros. Read the article here

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zzbigstackzz Silver 2
3690d ago

I used to love playing on Poker Stars, I can't wait to do it again.

PF_pitboss Platinum 3
3690d ago

That would be awesome to win some serious free money at your table when they hit that milestone. It's harder to win than it used to be.

TedHeris Silver 3
3690d ago

How much money will he play in the 70th billion hand?

Posted by axistilt23 on 11/02/2011 9:09AM [ Reply ]

The winner of the 70 billionth hand will win at least $70,000

Posted by zzbigstackzz on 11/02/2011 10:21AM [ Reply ]

Yeah, and everyone involved in the hand makes money too. It's great to see them have these payouts and show their customers that they're appreciated.

boomee88 Silver 1
3690d ago

70th billion hand... a great many... :)

atula7 Silver 1
3675d ago

Its a lot of money! :)

zzbigstackzz Silver 2
3669d ago

Yeah and it's just for one normal hand. Anyone could have won it, you don't have to be a pro.