G4 Failed 2M2M Show

I remember watching that 2 Months 2 Million show about the four high stakes young players trying to make some serious dough and have a blast in Vegas while doing it. It had some good laughs in it.

One of the guys on that show, Brian Roberts, who recently made the final table for a nice score in the WSOPE Main Event in Cannes, France is speaking out about his experience on the show.

“It was hugely net-positive for me,” Roberts said of his experience on 2M2MM.

“If I have any regrets they stem from the fact that we didn’t get picked up for a second season,” he told PokerListings.com in Cannes.

“I can blame the production or I can blame my performance, I can blame the choice to go with G4 as a network and the fact that they were incredibly cheap and scared to death of doing original programming that actually cost something.

“They were so scared of making a TV show that cost anything that I think it hurt us and hurt our chances of building a fan base and securing a second season,” he added.

“I wanted to make a second season so much because with everything we learned shooting and putting together the first season, we would have come up with a product that was exponentially better,” Roberts said.

Roberts says he's interested but skeptical if they will ever make another season.

“I’m a lazy poker player,” said Roberts. “I’m not shopping it and I’m certainly not going to pay to have it made.”


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If it was that good and it has some potential Im sure a high profil network will pick up the show and make it run for real in a second season. I think some network like ESPN could use this as some sparring shows while covering the WSOP etc. It probably not a show to air on primetime but could have good potential as a PokerAfterDard type of hour show.

axistilt23 Silver 2
3850d ago

I never got to see this show but it sounds pretty cool. I doubt it will get picked up any time soon. The advertising money just isn't there now that companies like Full Tilt and PokerStars have no market in the US, for the time being. You're starting to see poker playing shows cancelled because lack of funds, so I don't think a show like this has much of a chance in today's poker climate. I'd love to see it on ESPN when online poker in the US comes back.

zzbigstackzz Silver 2
3850d ago

How many episodes did they air? I remember hearing about it when it started but then it seemed to disappear.

77timmy1986 Silver 2
3850d ago

I think the biggest problem was that it was on G4. There's no visibility on that network, it's like the NHL being on VS.