Everyone is dead ? ? ?

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 No, everyone isn't dead. There just seems to be a lack of motivation lately...but that seems to be the case in all the forums (PI, PF, & IN). 


 So I'm going to suggest  (again for about the 3rd time) that "the powers to be" consolidate all the forums into one site. That way there will always be some activity going on then. Between the 3 sites in the last week there has been about 10 posts/replies?! There are other sites as well (but I don't follow them, so I don't know how active they are) & these 3 sites have  thousands of members, hundreds of active members (a lot of overlaps with those numbers)...

 So how do the owners bring this (these) forum(s) back again? Any suggestions?

 Remember, there isn't a lot of funds for prizes...(from what I remember I've been told a while back) so free rolls & cash prizes may not be an option.

 I've posted & emailed tons of suggestion about contests, so I'll only suggest possible prizes. How's about giving 1 month VIP memberships to InsideNation or 1 month Payback boosts on PI?