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Hi Poker Community,

I'd like to inform you about the premiere of All In - The Poker Movie, this weekend at Cinema Village in New York City. We have special panels and guests including Chris Moneymaker, Phil Laak, and the film's director Doug Tirola who will be answering questions after the screenings.

Please check out the official website for the trailer and more information:

Tickets are available at the following link: te=20120324

Thanks so much, hope you can make it out!
4th Row Films

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I can't make it to NYC, Good luck in getting the word out! The more the US public understands what really is going on with online gaming, the better the chances to getting laws changed.
 From what I gleamed from the trailer ( ), the law is a combination of Prohibition & Protectionism, which has shown over time to do neither, just damage & increase costs for but a few.

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3568d ago

Any reviews of the movie? How did the premiere went? Thanks

Posted by dumguy on 07/05/2012 4:05AM [ Reply ]

Also curious, how was this film? Should I look to rent it on redbox or netflix?