Free Tournament Token for the ‘Winner Welcome $1500 Added’


We are giving away one token with value $2 ($1+$1) to play the ‘Winner Welcome $1500 Added’  poker tournament at Winner Poker, this tourney will START next friday 21st (09/21/2012) and the registration will be open one day before (09/20/2012).


In order to recieve the free tournament token follow up the instructions:  

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viceroid Bronze 2
3529d ago

btw, if you can't find the OPT-IN tourney to get the free token you just need to watch this video


Monster Bronze 1
3529d ago

Nice video, btw


So basically I register to this OPT-IN tournament for free and that way they know that they must send me a token to play this $1500 Added prize tournament on friday? This is great, actually even paying the buy-in the overlay is very huge now, only 17 registered and $1500 prize...SICK!!


Well I popped by & am glad to see most things are working again (except the start discussion tabs) & my account has re-appeared!

gatotromeo Bronze 1
3173d ago

Thanks for the information, very useful. Mine waiting further information.


good luck




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