Documentary on Phil Ivey

Anyone see this E:60 with Phil Ivey?  This is unreal!!!  A must see.

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PF_pitboss Platinum 3
4117d ago

Very nice addition.  I had seen this video when it came out.  Pretty amazing his lifestyle and attitude.  He is the Tiger Woods of Poker, for sure. 

Here is a post I saw elsewhere on Ivey....

just read a good article on PokerNews about the effect that Phil Ivey has in the poker world.

A couple incidents mentioned where he receives special consideration as the most famous player in poker, like Michael Jordan or Tiger Woods were in their sports before him.

“According to one member of the ESPN camera crew, Phil Ivey’s table (Table 90 in the Orange Section) was supposed to be the feature table to start the day. Everyone at the table was not only going to get a chance to play at the feature table with one the greatest player in the game, but they’d also be lined up to receive about $10,000 in sponsorship money from various companies. Ivey didn’t want to be seated at the feature table and he got his wish, while everyone at the table was pretty irritated at this decision.”

Another thing you’ll notice about Ivey if you’ve ever been around a tournament as the players are about to finish a day and bag up their chips is that Ivey is already out the door – the back door. Ivey doesn’t walk through the normal hallways that all the other players do. His escape routes are well-planned ahead of time so he can avoid the crowds.

At the recent Full Tilt Poker Merit Cyprus Classic. The $25,000 High Roller Freeze-Out was scheduled to kick off at 4 p.m., but was delayed an hour. The reason? What PN were told was “to wait for Ivey to get there.”

Having superstars in your sport are good for promotion and the game.  Let’s hope his results and positive demeanor continue to shine so that he can continue to be the big name that drives the sport.

Posted by DocFabio on 08/31/2010 1:05PM [ Reply ]

Really professional!


Ivey is da shit!

DocFabio Bronze 1
4112d ago

Really professional!