Common Poker Mental Mistakes

Poker is a mental game, where the outcome is determine by your skill. That being said, winning games in poker will depend on the mental state you are in: your current mood, the level of your focus, your confidence and guts.
Conversely, a mental state in flux will also create mistakes that will absolutely destroy everything, from your chances of winning to your bankroll to your win rate.

So, how would you classify a mental state into your winning poker strategy and decide if its time to shift gears or step hard on the brakes?

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dabestplayer Silver 1
4272d ago

well in a big field I try to keep in mind Im not better than any of them, so I tend to play a lot of loose and hoping to win the coinflips and take gambles once im chip lead and I know I have the advantage, I slow it down a lot.  In a smaller field under 100 players, I try to just keep it straight forward.