VIP rewards

Higher VIP Levels on mean higher rewards. What rewards? When? Somebody knows something about VIP programm?

Maybe we can offer? I suggest to give tokens for freerolls at BetMost, for example. What do you think about it?

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badbank79 Silver 1
2813d ago

Dont know,  but I do know that I reached the 2 bronze level today....


Dont know if that means anything... but hope it does.


I think they should have freeroll for active posters... maybe 300 or 500 freeroll for active posters,  or maybe instead of once a week have one 1000 freeroll once a month for everybody that make sense in 30 posts... otherwise we will have people that come here to post just before thursday just to get the freeroll ticket? what do you think about that?

Last updated: 09/08/2010 8:01AM
pcolazo Bronze 1
2813d ago

i already receive a token in betmost for this postings :)

volchonok88 Silver 1
2813d ago

I`ll glad to any reward!

ovk18rus Silver 1
2813d ago

to badbank,

otherwise we will have people that come here to post just before thursday just to get the freeroll ticket?


Why not, if there is such possibility. I won $12 in 400 freeroll last sunday Smile

bum_bar Silver 1
2812d ago

Rewards? would like them, but i've just seen that they reduced one reward from 400$freeroll to 300$freeroll, so some rewards for active posters would be nice

Posted by sfnwht on 09/08/2010 10:52PM [ Reply ]

So the prize pool was reduced, I wouldn't complain after all it is free money you can win, and its not like you have to be a depositing player in order to take part. I almost feel that I should suggest a typing contest - all posters are eligible and the fastest time wins.

trivans Silver 2
2812d ago

ft. with the theme, pay cash and then play!
Now maybe someone will even blame betmos, poker forum and poker inside you give, or not give a token…payment and play

sfnwht Silver 3
2811d ago

Forgot to ask, what do I get for reaching silver level 1? I mean besides the carpal tunnel syndrome... lol just kidding, but seriously is there any value in moving up the levels now.

SmokeDaAces Silver 2
2808d ago

I hope you guys are here cause of the community aspect of a forum and not just for rewards :( This is a nice little portal for us poker players to talk and exchange poker stories and other news. It's a nice thing to have :)

volchonok88 Silver 1
2808d ago

We can talk about poker and receive some rewards. It`s much better than just talk Wink

ovk18rus Silver 1
2807d ago

Well, administration said nothing... There is any sense in system of levels on that forum?

SmokeDaAces Silver 2
2806d ago

Most forums I've ever used use the levels as a way of other members being able to tell if you're a valued member on the forum or a newbie just starting out ;) But I'm sure eventually they might have some nice little rewards or incentives for the higher VIP Level on here :)

stewzom Silver 2
2791d ago

got to love vip levels.makes it easier spotting all the spammers.oops level 3 bronze thats me

vlady002 Silver 3
2757d ago

really all I wanted to ask what the VIP's with this forum, which is the difference between bronze - silver -gold-platinum ?! ?....awards could be ?.... bemotst receive invitations to VIP level depending on pokerforum? ? ?

tokens into betmostpoker is a good thing , i allready get some tokens there and win some cash $$$ , in the future i hope to be the same thing with tokens :D

ovk18rus Silver 1
2736d ago

Find my old topic. There are no news here, right?

alesulll123 Gold 1
2505d ago

I think is fair just with this 300$ token for the players that don`t make rakes on the betmost tables.